HP Laptop Battery Replacement Service

Nothing is frustrating and hindering flexibility of usage like a laptop battery that drains too fast or isn’t charging at all. Does your Hp laptop power drain too fast or isn’t charging? See us and you’ll have your Hp laptop battery replaced in no time. Here at Good Zone Shop and Service, we’ve experienced technicians who’ll solve all your Hp laptop battery queries within a day. We can offer replacement batteries for the Hp laptop of any model and have your laptop in perfect condition in no time.

How To Do It:

Reach out to us through either of our convenient service options:

  • In-store
  • Mail-in
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We Can Fix Your HP Laptop Battery

When you come in, we’ll perform a diagnostic test to ascertain whether the battery is faulty and you need to get a replacement battery for your hp laptop.

Some of the signs that show your battery has a problem are:

  • The battery dies very quickly when unplugged.
  • The battery or Hp laptop is often overheated.
  • The battery does not charge.
  • The laptop won’t start.


We’ll identify the Hp laptop model and the type of battery it requ ires. We always have stock of all models of Hp laptop replacement batteries.

In case the battery is in stock we’ll have it replaced as you wait. However, if we don’t have the battery we’ll order it from the unit manufacturer or other trusted third-party providers.

Finally, we’ll test the replaced battery to confirm it’s functional and then contact you when it’s ready for pickup.

HP Laptop Battery Replacement Cost

The charges for the Hp laptop replacement battery vary depending on the model. Good Zone Shop’s Hp laptop batteries replacement cost is listed below:

Service Name
Estimated Price
HP Laptop Battery Replacement
from $65
part cost is not included
HP Laptop

HP Laptop Battery Replacement with Good Zone Shop & Service

Here at Good Zone Shop and Service, you are fully assured that you’ll have your Hp laptop battery replaced with genuine and best-quality parts. You don’t need an appointment for your Hp laptop battery replacement, we’re open 7 days a week with our expert technicians ready to attend to all your Hp laptop battery queries. We’ll have your Hp laptop perfectly fixed and fully functional the same day you bring it!


  • Is it worth replacing the HP laptop battery?

    Yes! It's worth replacing your Hp laptop battery. It is more cost-effective to replace a faulty Hp laptop battery that's a few years old than to get a new one. Also, a laptop that requires a constant plugin comes with limitations to the flexibility of usage.

  • How do I know what battery to buy for my HP laptop?

    This can be done by:

    • Checking on the battery for the inscription of the model number, part number, power rating, and Chemical type.

    Use of software and battery finder website that can tell you the type of battery for the Hp laptop.

  • How long does a laptop battery last before replacement?

    Typically a laptop's battery will perform normally for about 2 to 4 years, which is about 1,000 charge cycles. After this point the laptop's battery needs replacement.

  • What to look for in a replacement laptop battery?

    When shopping for a new laptop battery, consider the following things:

    • Check the shape and connector position to ensure compatibility.
    • Compare pricing and warranty among different providers to ensure you're getting the best deal.
    • Check voltage rating to ensure there is a match.
    • Verify online to ensure a third-party provider is an authorized dealer.
    • Consider making an upgrade to power capacity.