HP Laptop Keyboard Repair Service

Does your HP laptop have missing keys on its keyboard? Or did you accidentally spill fluid on your keyboard? Faulty Keyboards can be frustrating especially if you’ve got a deadline to beat and your keyboard is not working perfectly. The fault may be due to either software or hardware issues. Most software issues you can easily correct by yourself. 

However, hardware issues need to be handled by expert technicians. This is due to the sensitivity of hardware involved like connectors that can easily be damaged. 

At Good Zone Service & Repairs, we’ve got a team of technicians who are experts in any HP laptop keyboard repair or replacement. Your laptop keyboard will be fully fixed with high-quality parts and handed back to you fully functional the same day you bring it in!

Reach out to us through either of our convenient service options:

  • In-store or
  • Mail-in.
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We can fix your HP Laptop Keyboard

The laptop keyboard is the most used part of a laptop. This has often rendered it prone to damage. The damage can range from the entire keyboard not working, some keycap not working, or the problem of a faulty circuit inside the HP laptop keyboard. 

At Good Zone Service & Repairs we can comfortably handle any HP laptop keyboard problem. We’ll also offer a genuine and high-quality HP laptop keyboard replacement where the damage is beyond repair. In some instances the corrective measure needed may be cleaning, we encourage you to let us do it because of the sensitivity of the internal connections. We’ll clean each cap separately, clean plastic and rubber parts, and finally test each key before we hand back your fully functional keyboard.

HP Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement Cost

The cost of an HP laptop Keyboard repair/replacement depends on the HP laptop model and the extent of the damage. Good Zone Service & Repairs cost of HP laptop repair/replacement is listed below.

Service Name
Estimated Price
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
from $75
part cost is not included
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HP Laptop Keyboard Repair with Good Zone Service & Repairs 

At Good Zone Service & Repairs, you can rest assured that your HP laptop keyboard repair will be done professionally and with high-quality parts. We offer same-day service to our clients giving you more time to continue with your business. You’ll enjoy customer-oriented service and free consultancy from our prolific team of experienced repair engineers who are ready to respond to all your HP laptop keyboard queries. We’ll fix your Keyboard and hand it back to you, fully functional in no time.

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  • Why is my HP laptop keyboard not working?

    Some of the common reasons why an HP laptop keyboard may not be working are:

    • Stuck debris, spills, or dust on keys causing them to stick.
    • Outdated Keyboard drives that may not be able to transmit keystrokes.
    • Battery problems like overheating and an aged battery tend to bulge moving keys out of their position.
    • A faulty connector between the keyboard and motherboard may alter signal transmission.
    • Malware of the software may make windows not recognize keystrokes.
    • Sometimes viruses may limit the functionality of some keys or the entire keyboard.
  • How do you fix keys on an HP laptop that won't work?

    To fix an HP laptop keyboard key that won't work, do either of  the following things:

    • Uninstall keyboard drives, turn your laptop off then turn it on and reinstall the drive.
    • Update the keyboard drives.
    • Adjust your keyboard setting e.g filter keys may tell windows to ignore some repeated keystrokes.
    • Remove and insert your battery.

    If all fail, it's likely to be a hardware issue. Visit our technician experts to diagnose your laptop and fix it.

  • What kind of keyboard does an HP laptop have?

    HP laptops have QWERTY keyboards.

  • Can a laptop keyboard be repaired?

    Yes, a laptop keyboard can be repaired by a qualified technician.