Laptop Headphone Jack Repair Service

“I accidentally dropped my laptop and now my laptop headphone jack no longer works. Can it be fixed?” The short answer is yes, we can solve the problem!

Bring your laptop in today so that we can take a look at it and correctly diagnose the issue you are having with it. We would be more than pleased to help you take a look! We’ll have it fixed and working properly in just a couple of hours or less!

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We can fix your Laptop Headphone Jack

Because of their frequent use, the jacks for headphones and microphones can eventually become damaged. These jacks are located on the motherboard most of the time, and if they become damaged, it may be necessary to replace the motherboard, which is an expensive repair. Laptop plug-ins should be handled with great caution. Because laptops are portable machines, we often forget that we have items plugged in and move them without noticing until it is too late. This might result in physical damage to the device. When everything is functioning as it should, a port shouldn’t be too easy to shift. If it moves or bends back and forth, it shows that the port has become dislodged and needs to be repaired or replaced. We at Good Zone Service are able to perform effective laptop headphone jack repairs, among other things!

Laptop Headphone Jack Repair Cost

Our laptop headphone jack repair cost list:

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Laptop Headphone Jack Repair/Replacement
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Laptop Headphone Jack Repair with Good Zone Shop & Service

To get the best laptop audio jack repair service, done with the highest quality parts and the greatest professionalism, you can walk into Good Zone Shop & Service. We are open 7 days a week and we offer expert same-day service to ensure that your device walks out with you in tiptop shape on the same day you bring it in. We invite you to enjoy our 100% customer-oriented service. Reach out to us today. You won’t be disappointed!


  • Which is the headphone jack?

    Headphone jacks are (usually) round analog ports used to connect your wired earphones, headset, or headphones to your laptop.

  • What is a 3.5 mm jack called?

    The jack variants that measure 3.5 millimeters are typically referred to as mini-phones, mini-stereos, mini-jacks, etc. The audio plug that is standard in the industry is a 3.5mm headphone plug. They are used to connect a pair of headphones or earphones to your laptop. The inclusion of a microphone in headphones is sometimes dependent on how many connector rings are present.

  • Can the headphone jack be repaired?

    Yes, it can. In most instances, the jack port is soldered to the motherboard, which means that either the motherboard or a smaller daughterboard will need to be replaced in order to access it.