Microsoft Surface Laptop Repair in NYC

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is a great choice for tech gurus. It has impressive hardware and beautiful construction. While it is powerful and reliable, a single mishap is enough to cripple your business, especially if you use it for work. 

Although Microsoft has made recorded videos showing users how to open up the PC, you need a professional by your side. Knowing how to tear down this computer doesn’t mean you can fix its problems. 

However, a professional Microsoft surface laptop repair service like Good Zone Shop & Service can tear down and fix the PC. Our team is experienced enough to do it fast and affordably. 

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Repair and Parts Replacement

We fix any software and hardware issue with your computer. Moreover, we run deep diagnostics to determine the true cause of the problem for a permanent fix.

Hinge Repair

A broken or damaged hinge makes opening and closing the computer harder. If not fixed urgently, it may lead to new problems. The Good Zone Shop & Service tech team is reliable and experienced in fixing PC hinges.

Screen Repair

A broken display or cracked screen is a huge inconvenience that needs screen replacement. If the display goes dim automatically or has green lines, it may be a software issue we can fix fast.

Battery Replacement

If your computer battery drains fast or does not charge, you need a battery replacement. Our experts will replace the battery with a quality one that’ll serve you for long.

We Can Help You with Microsoft Surface Laptop Repair in NYC

Whether it’s a software or hardware issue, our team of technicians is ready to fix it for you. Our experts are experienced in fixing these computers and are certified too. Even better, they work fast to ensure you experience the least inconvenience possible. The replacement parts they procure are high quality, and the services are affordable too. 

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Repair Cost

Every fix has a different cost depending on the extent of damage, complexity of the fix, and cost of the replacement part. We’ve prepared a table detailing the different devices we fix to give you an idea of the pricing to expect. Remember that our base price is $65, and the repair might take longer than a day.

from 30 minutes

Price from  $65 

Parts cost is not included


  • Can Microsoft Surface laptop be repaired?

    Yes. But this depends on the part that’s damaged. If the motherboard is dead, you might have to buy a new PC instead of a replacement motherboard. Generally, repair costs dictate whether it’s economical to fix or buy a new computer.

  • How long does it take to repair the Microsoft Surface laptop?

    The least time it can take is 30 minutes. However, exact times depend on the complexity of the repair and the availability of parts. Also, the Microsoft Surface laptop repair might even take longer than a day.

  • Are Surface laptops repairable?

    Yes. However, just because it is doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. Always have a professional handle the fixing for the best results.

Repair Microsoft Surface Laptop with Good Zone Shop & Service

Our expert technicians have excellent knowledge of the inner workings of the computer. As such, they provide quality services and with good results. Even better, Good Zone Shop & Service offers a 90-day warranty for their repair service.

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