Laptop Water Damage Repair Qualified Service

Have you spilled water on your laptop? Maybe wine spilled on the keyboard? Or even coffee with milk and sugar? No matter what liquid has damaged your laptop, we can help!

Bring us your computer, we will quickly and easily solve any problems related to water damage.

In many cases we can fix it the same or next day. We have a lot of experience and work on liquid damaged laptops very often.

There are two available types of convenient options to get you laptop fixed: in-store visit and mail-in.

We can fix your water-damaged laptop!

For the best chance of success, bring your laptop to us as soon as possible before you try to turn it on!

The first thing you should do is turn off your laptop and remove the battery (if the battery is removable). Liquid damage is bad because it corrodes the circuit boards inside the machine when the liquid meets an electrical current. If there is no power in the system, there is less chance of serious damage!

Delaying repairs can cause corrosion, which will greatly increase the cost of repairs.

We can almost always retrieve data from liquid-damaged laptops even if they won’t turn on! Liquid damage primarily damages keyboards and logic boards, but the hard drive usually survives. If you have a liquid-damaged computer and need data, we can help!

Laptop Water Damage Repair Cost

Cost of water damage repair depends on amount of damage and your device, but most of the times it can be fixed without any complications. Our Laptop Water Damage Repair Service costs starts from $99.


  • Can water-damaged laptops be repaired?

    Water-damaged laptops in most cases can be repaired if immediate attention is given. Laptop liquid damage repair is possibly not that easy, and this tedious work necessitates some experience with electronic disassembling.

  • Is it worth repairing a water-damaged laptop?

    It’s natural to panic when the worst thing happens during an accidental liquid spill on your computer.
    Water-damaged laptops are repairable at an iota of the laptop’s actual cost.

  • How to get water out of a laptop?

    Turn it off right now, remove the battery, turn it upside down and let it drain. These simple but very effective steps can save your laptop.

Why You Should Get Your Water Damaged Laptop Repaired at our service?

  • We offer free estimates. Our specialists offer free diagnostic and estimate.
  • We are Experienced Technicians. With expertise latent in each technician, the job is usually done in a fast repair turn-around time.
  • We are a passionate team. We get the job done in the most efficient and customer friendly manner.