Apple Watch Battery Replacement

Apple watches are designed to deliver an easy-to-use and simple experience. They manage this through a combination of technologies, some of which focus on battery life and performance. While Apple does a good job on this front, all rechargeable batteries have limited lifespans – in the end, their performance and capacity drop. 

At this point, you’ll need to have the battery replaced. For this, you need an experienced repair service like Good Zone Shop & Services.  

We have successfully replaced Apple watch batteries in the past and would be honored to help recover your watch’s performance. Call us today to schedule an inspection and a free consultation.

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Apple Watch Battery Replacement for all models

Though Apple Watch batteries are powerful and have a long life, they develop problems from time to time. Some issues that can crop up include:

  • The watch stops working because of the low charge for a long time
  • The battery’s performance drops and needs replacement

We handle a range of Apple Watch models, including series 4, 5, 6, and 7, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch SE.

How Can We Help You With Apple Watch Battery Replacement?

Usually, Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover a battery’s wear down from regular use, but we can help replace the battery with an original one. More to this, we’ll inspect the watch to determine the cause of the drop in capacity and performance and fix the problem too. 

Our goal is to restore the watch to its original performance. Our services are affordable, and we work fast to avoid inconveniences. Contact us for an inspection and a free inspection. 

Apple Watch Battery Replacement cost

Apple Watch battery replacement cost varies depending on the watch’s model. Also, if there’s an underlying problem that needs fixing to ensure optimum performance, it counts as an additional cost. We’ll inspect the watch before providing a quote for better planning. 

While we strive to take the least time possible, sometimes repair takes longer than a day. On the bright side, we’ll always keep you in the loop.


  • Are Apple Watch batteries replaceable?

    Yes. However, the process is delicate and requires a skilled and experienced technician. The battery placement isn’t like those of regular watches that you can do on your own. Instead, it requires disassembling small parts to get the job done.

  • How do I know if my Apple Watch needs a new battery?

    You’ll notice a drop in battery performance and capacity. For subtle changes, confirm the capacity in the settings. Navigate to Settings, then Battery, and finally Battery Health. If it reads over 80 percent, you are good.

  • How many years does Apple watch battery last?

    The battery is designed to keep 80 percent of the original capacity for 1000 charge cycles. This means the battery should last between 2.5 to 3 years when you charge it fully once a day.

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Apple Watch Battery Replacement with Good Zone Shop & Service

Good Zone Shop & Service has served numerous clients, and they are pleased with the services. Our services are well-price for the quality we offer, and our team of experts undergoes continuous training. We strive to deliver the services in the shortest time possible and keep you in the loop. 

To benefit from professional battery replacement services, contact us today for a quick consult and inspection.