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    When your business server is running well, you can take it for granted. When your server develops problems and need server repair, you should get fast and effective solutions. Having been trained on different technologies and server platforms, our technicians are proficient in server repairs. They can resolve your server problems fast that might otherwise hinder your business from optimal performance.

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    The Most Common Issues With Servers

    While technology isn’t perfect, regular maintenance and repairs can help your business run smoothly. A server crash can be disastrous to your business. As your business operations are crippled, your competition gets gains from you and even goes further ahead. We understand and have experience dealing with common and not-so-common server issues. Below are examples of server repair services we offer.

    • Installing and configuring new server operating system
    • Server defragging to increase performance
    • Delete unnecessary programs and files to free up space and improve performance
    • Reinstalling server operating system without losing critical data
    • Scan the server system for malware to keep the system from being compromised and protect it from hackers
    • Reinstall or install new drivers to run devices properly
    • Server data recovery
    • Check the consistency of registry hive performance
    • In-place upgrades
    • Get rid of specific and prevalent malware
    • Upgrade server hardware
    • Create a system image backup
    • Use best practices to create a secure WLAN for mobile gadgets
    • Setting up your server and connecting all nodes

    Can We Help You?

    As a committed server repair and maintenance service, we understand why it’s a priority for all industries. As such, we are constantly training our technicians on new server technologies, best practices, troubleshooting, and repairs. If there’s a server problem, we’ll detect it and fix it fast.

    Our maintenance and repair plans will keep your server software updated and your network running smoothly. We focus on security to ensure your data is safe while running preventative maintenance to help avoid network failure and crashes. We also back up data at intervals, so our server technicians know what to do if anything fails.

    Hop on a quick free consultation call with our team to understand your options and how we can best help you.

    Server Repair Prices

    When looking for the most cost-effective server repair service, there are things you should consider. The prices vary depending on the size of your business, the level of protection it offers, and its complexity. As such, we cannot provide a blanket server repair cost. Your best bet is to call us for diagnostics and a free quotation.

    With that said, we’ve taken the liberty to list some server issues and costs you can expect. Remember, the final costs are provided after diagnostics.

    Experienced Server Repair Technicians in Good Zone Shop & Service

    When working with crucial machines like servers, you need experienced, trained, and skilled technicians. A technician who knows what they are doing will save you a lot of trouble and keep your business running smoothly. At Good Zone Shop & Service, we have an able team that holds your hand through the process.

    Hop on a free no-obligation call today for a quick consult on how to best handle your server maintenance and repairs.

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    Good Zone Shop & Repair Service is located in Brooklyn. Our service provides customers with fast, fair, and affordable device repairs. We will bring your device back to life within the hour (for not complicated repairs/replacements).

    No longer needing to worry about purchasing new devices because of unexpectedly costly repair fees, GoodZone repair is the perfect solution for you.

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    Do you have any questions?


      Nermin Radoncic

      Great place to go to. Easy fix no issues. Go on a weekday and it will be faster. Thank you my brothers

      Albert Wilkins

      Great service for a good price. I've used them before and will use them again. The prices were fair. They are honest, prompt and courteous. They will do the job right the first time.

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      I was recommended this service by another friend. The reviews about them were mixed, so I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with their service and work. They fixed my phone and made sure everything was up to date. They also gave me a good discount on the anti-shock film. Thank you for your work!


      What does a server technician do?

      A server repair technician spends time installing servers, performing repairs. In some instances building new server systems, configuring the new servers, and integrating the new server into the network. Some can transition servers from one network to another, causing them to work long hours. In other instances, server technicians archive server data overnight to ensure the work isn’t disrupted during normal working hours.

      What to do if server is not booting?

      You can use an OS installation USB Drive or DVD, which has troubleshooting utilities. Insert the DVD or USB for the server to boot from and click repair, then troubleshoot. Navigate to the command prompt and enter specific commands to scan the system and repair corrupted system files.

      How do servers work?

      A server is simply a computer that provides other computers (clients) with information. The clients connect to servers through LAN (business network) or WAN (the internet). When you use the internet, you access different servers worldwide or set up in your office. Basically, any computer with the correct software can be a server.

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