Good Zone Price List

Computer repairs come in different sizes and shapes, so costs vary. At Good Zone Service & Repairs, we provide free quotes to determine the exact cost. We perform deep diagnostics, determine the best solution, and present a quote. We’ll give part and labor costs to avoid surprises once the project starts.

If you need a price range, we’ve got you with the tables below. But before you dive in a disclaimer:

Do not decide to get computer repair or replacement based on the price ranges without diagnosis and a quote.

You might think you know what’s ailing your computer only to find a different underlying problem. In some cases, multiple problems need fixing to get your computer in great shape. Good Zone Shop & Service experts provide free, no obligatory diagnosis. If you decide not to get the fix or, for whatever reason, don’t end up fixing your computer, you don’t pay anything.

Laptop repairPrice (from)Estimated Repair Time
Screen Replacement$7545m
Battery Replacement$6530m
Keyboard Replacement$7545m
HDD/SDD Upgrade $6530m
Hinge Repair/Replacement$751hr
Motherboard Repair (Soldering)$1752hr
Motherboard Replacement$1752hr
Powerjack Repair\Replacement$991hr
Headphone Jack Repair/Replacement$991hr
Touchpad Repair/Replacement $7545m
Speaker Repair/Replacement$7545m
Fan Repair$8045m
Dust Cleaning + Thermal past change $6530m
Water Damage Cleaning $1501hr
Flex & Other Internal Cables Replacement\Soldering$1752h
Misc Laptop Hardware Repairs $50/half hour30m
OS Reinstall$752h
Virus Removal$651h
Data Transfer $65n/a
Data Recovery From $300n/a
Software Help $50/half hourn/a
Virus Removal$50/half hour30m

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?