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We provide a straightforward, stress-free solution to any MacBook software or hardware problems with affordable prices and exceptional service. Our speed, professionalism, speed, and MacBook diagnostic service are superior to anything you will receive at other repairs shops.

Whatever the problem is with your tablet, one of our qualified experts can help you fix it. Among the tablet repair services provided by our computer repair shop are non-functioning screens, water damage, software issues, smashed screen, and many more.

Good Zone is the place to go for all of your PC Computer repair needs! Our experienced engineers will provide you with comprehensive repair, replacement, upgrade, and optimization services for any PC brand.

We are also experts in servicing drones. Get your faulty drones to us and we will get them airborne ASAP.

Smart watches are some of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century. Apple watches lead the pack in features and value. With these, you can play music, respond to texts and messages without reaching for your phone.

Our computer repair company repairs all iPhone models. We guarantee free estimates, Apple-certified specialists with iPhone expertise, personalized service, and flat rate. If you need your iPhone repaired right away, come to Good Zone, the expert computer repair in NYC.

Laptop repair is the bread and butter of our computer engineers. Whatever windows laptop model you have, we have solutions to your problems from blue screen to laptop screens repairs to screen replacement.

iPads are amazing devices! Unfortunately, they are also fairly fragile – from broken screens to bent frames. Not to worry, we are experts in this field – we service all iPad models (2nd Gen iPads, 3rd Gen iPads, iPad Air, and iPad Mini). Our iPad doctors use only high-quality parts in every iPad repair.

Cell phones came to make our lives better. They started with completing calls, and today, they can do almost anything you need them to do. They’ve also gotten smaller and sleeker. Unfortunately, this has made them fragile and damages easy.

The reason many people use MacBook is simple – they work. But even with high performance and reliability, things go wrong with MacBooks from time to time. When they do, you need an expert experienced in troubleshooting and fixing problems.

When your business server is running well, you can take it for granted. When your server develops problems and need server repair, you should get fast and effective solutions. Having been trained on different technologies and server platforms, our technicians are proficient in server repairs. They can resolve your server problems fast that might otherwise hinder your business from optimal performance.

What Problems Can We Fix?

Devices submerged in water or slipped from your grip? Perhaps the speaker is malfunctioning.  At Good Zone, we are expected in all computer hardware and software issues from data upgrades to water damage to cracked screens, etc.  Check out our service area to learn all that we can do for you.

Do You Need Help?

We got your back. Good Zone engineers will assist you with any computer need.  We will provide you with free estimates while you wait, expert service engineers, customer-oriented service and you don’t need an appointment to get your gadget fixed.

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Our Pricing

Browse below to see our different price options for our services and the device we work with. Please be aware that depending on your type of device and technical issue, repair may take more than one day.


Price $14.99


Price $34.99


Price $34.99


Price $18.99


Price $44.99


Great service. And reasonable price. Helped me get my MacBook’s keyboard replacement. Thanks
Screen of my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was broken, lost all touch sensitivity. They got the replacement parts delivered, repaired the phone and returned it all in under 4 hours. Phone works like new.
Repaired the screen for my iPhone 7s in 30 minutes for a very decent price. Even threw in a $20 case for free. Highly recommend.
I have really bad condition of my phone. Tech guy replace screen for my iPhone X in 20 minutes. Fantastic job!!!


  • Is it worth fixing a computer?

    A repair will most likely be more affordable than a replacement and it makes no sense to replace a gadget you adore if it can be repaired. However, if the repair may cost 50%-70% of the cost of a replacement, you should consider your device’s age/condition before making a decision.

  • When should you replace your computer?

    A laptop or desktop should be replaced every 3-4 years, according to industry standards. This is mostly because the expenses of fixing an older computer tend to skyrocket after four years, reaching up to 50% of the original purchase price and beyond.

  • How much does a computer repair cost?

    Averagely, computer repair costs between $50 and $80 per hour on average. The job might take under or over an hour. It might be difficult to precisely predict the duration of a repair. Our clients can pay between $100 and $300 for finished works. Where you fall on that spectrum is determined by the work required and how long it takes.

Trust Your Computer to Experienced Repair Shop

Bring in your damaged computer devices for free diagnostics at our computer repair shop. We will offer you a quote right away. Our skilled experts will execute your repair correctly at affordable fees and no hidden costs. We will let you know exactly how much your repair will cost, and you will not be charged anything more than the given price.

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