Apple Watch Water Damage Repair

Apple watches are water-resistant, but not waterproof. You can wear your watch during an exercise, when washing your hands or in the rain. For some, you can dive in a pool up to 50 meters. Surpassing water resistant rating conditions causes water to leak into the device and cause damage. 

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Apple Watch Water Damage Repair for all models

These gadgets have lots of features to brag about. However, these features work at peak performance when the device is intact. Of the many ways they can develop problems, the worst is probably liquid damage, but it’s not covered under warranty. We fix a different problems in different generations including:

  • Apple watch series 4 repair – if liquid has found its way into the device and corroded your battery or logic board, we can fix it fast.
  • Apple watch series 5 repair – if liquid has caused discoloration of the bands, we can replace it.
  • Apple watch series 6 repair – If you notice some growth on the charging set, moisture has seeped in. We’ll dry it, get rid of the growth, and reseal it. 
  • Apple watch series 7 repair – sometimes the liquid leaves foggy moisture under the display screen. If left untreated, it could lead to more problems. 
  • Apple watch sport repair – a breach on the water lock and reduced efficiency is a sign of water damage. We can fix this easily and affordably. 
  • Apple watch SE repair – if it’s a combination of  liquid damage signs, we’ll repair them one after another. 

How Can We Help You With Apple Watch Water Damage Repair?

If the problem is not fixed or the repair is done wrong,it could lead to new problems. Our experienced technicians will attend to every symptom to restore the integrity of the device sooner than later. 

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Apple Watch Water Damage Repair cost

The repair costs depend on the affected parts and availability of replacement parts. Regular qualified and certified repair services cost about $129.

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  • Can a water-damaged Apple Watch Be Fixed?

    Yes. The process calls for complete disassembly and cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. We also look for affected parts and replace them before assembling the device.

  • What happens if water gets in your Apple Watch?

    When liquid seeps into the device, it floods the internal system, and after a while, the display goes off. If you act fast, minimal damage is caused.

  • How much does it cost for Apple to repair water damage?

    In an Apple Store, the costs range between $840 and $1340. The exact price depends on the extent of the problem and the part that needs replacing.

Apple Watch Water Damage Repair with Good Zone Shop & Service

Liquid damage repair is a tough job that needs expert skills. We have invested in tools and training for our experts to ensure quality services. We work fast and charge fair prices.

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