Asus Laptop Keyboard Repair Services

Nothing is annoying as typing on your keyboard only to realize you’ve nothing displayed on the screen. Does your Asus laptop keyboard have problems like keys not working, keyboard typing wrong keys, automatic typing, or late response? then your Asus laptop keyboard needs to be fixed.

If you want to repair your faulty Asus keyboard, visit Good Zone Shop and Service Center. We offer keyboard repair and replacement for all models of Asus laptops. We’ve a team of experienced technicians and fully equipped with the latest repair tools and genuine high-quality spare parts. We’ll have your keyboard in good condition in no time.

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Asus Laptop

We Can Fix Your Laptop Keyboard

The keyboard of a laptop is one of its components that doesn’t easily get damaged. The damage often ranges from some of the keys not functioning to the entire keyboard not working.

Common Asus keyboard problems consist of typed characters not appearing on the screen, damaged or broken keys, and faulty ports (i.e connections between keyboard and laptop). Our service technicians will fix all these problems and many more. We offer Asus laptop keyboard replacement service in case the damage is beyond repair.

Here at Good Zone Repair & Service, the entire interior of your Asus laptop keyboard will be thoroughly cleaned as part of our Asus laptop keyboard replacement services. We’ll clean all the rubber parts, plastic parts, and keycaps. All the keys will then be fully tested before your fixed Asus laptop keyboard is handed back to you.

Asus Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement cost

The price of the Asus laptop keyboard replacement or repair depends on the model of the laptop.

Good Zone Shop’s Asus laptop keyboard replacement and repair cost is listed below:

Service Name
Estimated Price
Laptop Keyboard Replacement
part cost is not included
Asus Laptop

Asus Laptop Keyboard Repair with Good Zone Shop & Service

At Good Zone Shop and Service you can rest assured that your Asus Laptop keyboards will be replaced with genuine and high-quality parts. You don’t have to book an appointment as we’re open everydays and fully offer same-day services for any query. You’ll also enjoy free consultation services from our experienced engineers who will answer and advise on all queries on the Asus Laptop keyboard.


  • Why is my Asus Keyboard typing the wrong characters?

    The main causes of keyboard typing wrong character are:

    • Enabling Numlock and Fn+Numlock keys can cause the wrong character, especially in windows 8 and 8.1
    • Wrong selection of language
    • Outdated windows.

    You can use an external keyboard to test the laptop keyboard. If all the above causes are checked and the eternal keyboard works well, see a technician of Good Zone Shop and Service for keyboard key repair of Asus laptop.

  • Why Is my laptop keyboard not typing?

    The keyboard might be having faulty keys, the drivers may be outdated, the port may be faulty or Windows is corrupted.

  • Can Asus laptop keyboard be replaced?

    In case your Asus keyboard is not working, you can easily replace it.