Asus Laptop Screen Repair Service

Don’t freak out if your Asus laptop’s LCD screen gets shattered, damaged, or cracked while you’re using it; if it has dead pixels or lines; if the image clarity and screen resolution is lowered; or if the backlight stops functioning. Our engineers are highly trained to do your Asus laptop screen repair with components, equipment, and tools of the highest possible quality. We’ll have things fixed the very same day.

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How Can We Help You With Asus Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement?

Maybe your laptop screen was damaged by dropping, kicking or punching, hit by a projectile, stepped on, run over, sat on, or crushed, we can fix your laptop screen no matter how it got broken. We offer:

  •     Asus laptop LCD repair and LED replacement
  •     Fix cracked, broken, crushed, internally damaged Asus LCD LED laptop screens.
  •     Laptop screens replacement and repair from ink spills, fuzzy, dim, dark, black, lighting difficulties, terrible output, bad screen, ink ruptured within the screen, inner screen damage, and screen fluid damage.
  •     Replace cracked, damaged, or scratched screens.
  •     Fix jagged, horizontal, vertical, and multicolored displays distorted visuals, and blemished displays
  •     Repair Inverted hues, pink tinge, pixelation, colorful laptop screens: grey, blue, red, green, pink, white
  •     Fix blank screen, display brightness, no output, and dim LCD displays.
  •     LCD laptop screen repairs for bleeding, leaking, smeared, stress fracture, black ink, etc.
  •     Repair glitching, flickering, flawed, mucked-up, dot, blotted, or blotchy displays.

Asus Laptop Screen Repair/ Replacement Cost

You can find below further information on the various price options we offer as well as the devices that we support. Please be aware that the time required for repairs often exceeds one day and varies depending on the gadget in question. Here is our Asus laptop screen repair cost list:

Service Name
Estimated Price
Asus Laptop Screen Replacement
from $75
part cost is not included
Asus Laptop

You Can Trust Your Asus Laptop Screen Replacement/Repair with Us

We are open 7 days a week and you can access our service through either our mail-in or in-store service options for your Asus laptop cracked screen repair. Our highly trained technicians are vastly experienced and will fix your laptop screen at the most affordable rates. You can contact us for a free service estimate.


  • Can a broken screen on a laptop be fixed?

    Yes, it can. However, before bringing it in, you can try to restart your laptop. It's possible that a problem with the operating system is to blame, or some other minor issue that can be resolved by simply restarting the laptop. The only solution available to repair a screen that has been physically cracked or shattered is to replace the screen.

  • Does Asus fix broken screens?

    If the screen is broken then it has to be replaced. Asus does not replace broken screens, instead they offer to find certified screen repairers. You can access Good Zone Shop’s screen repair service for a clean repair job.

  • Can I repair Asus laptop screen with the HP Compaq screen?

    Whatever they say on the Web you can only replace a broken laptop screen with a compatible screen. We use the highest quality parts for our replacement service so you can trust that your device will be as good as new.