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    Have you damaged your phone and are unable to access stored information because it can't power on or did you experience software hitches and you can't access your gadgets files? Any data issue you might be experiencing with your gadget, bring it to us and we'll solve it. Our crew of adept data recovery specialists can amicably recuperate stored files from any phone.

    Our crew of exceedingly adroit data recuperation specialists has successfully retrieved stored information from various handsets with a myriad of issues. This accords us the capacity to efficiently recuperate information from any handset even if they don't power on. 

    Some handsets like the iPhone store data in the internal memory and often encrypt data before storing it. This requires advanced IT tools to retrieve which most service centers can't and always say the data can't be retrieved.  

    We also do a thorough examination and access storage chips in case of a damaged handset to fully restore your data.

    Want a test of this great service? Don't hesitate to do so via either of these channels.

    • In-store: visit us any day of your choice and we'll accord you a world-class data recovery service.


    • Mail-in:  send your handset to us and we'll efficiently retrieve all its data and mail it back to you in one piece.

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    We Provide Phone Data Recovery With а High Success Rate

    Phones have become an inseparable part of us. With a lot of people storing their sensitive information on these gadgets, the inability to access this data can be a serious concern. Luckily, we have file recovery specialized engineers who can amicably assist in such a case.

    For Apple phones, the inability to access your gadget information mainly occurs when booting, updating iOS or after attempting unsuccessfully to jailbreak your iPhone. 

    Below are some of the errors you might encounter on your iPhone and how to correct them.

    • "Attempting data recovery error"
    • "Data recovery cannot be completed"

    All the above errors can be corrected by either force starting your gadget, using iTunes for retrieval, recuperation from iCloud or using third-party apps. If all fail visit our data recuperation specialist for detailed data retrieval.


    We also offer a comprehensive recuperation of store information of any cell phone brand from Android to BlackBerry OS.

    Some instances that may also make you unable to access data are:

    • physical damage: This may be due to a crashed handset or water damage that has rendered a gadget unable to power on.
    • Software hitches: This may be due to corrupted programs, malware effects, or lost passcodes. We use leading recovery tools and advanced techniques to retire your data.

    For cases of physical damages, corrective measures vary significantly based on injuries incurred on the mobile phone and the extent of operation required to recuperate information. We use advanced retrieval tools and Hi-Tech equipment to access storage chips and safely recover all stored information.

    Below is a condensed list of the information we can assist you to retrieve.

    • Your contacts.
    • Stored messages of various forms like  Email, SMS e.t.c
    • Call log history.
    • Stored pictures.
    • Videos files such as MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V e.t.c
    • Audio files of any format.
    • Stored documents e.g PDF, DOC, HTML, PPT e.t.c

    Trust Us Phone Data Recovery

    We can give you the maximum assurance that all your cell phone data retrieval will be accomplished keenly and skillfully using advanced and highly effective techniques.

    Our ever-ready crew of highly skillful data retrieval specialists will grant you exemplary client-prioritized service for all your data needs.

    You'll also be able to budget easily through our free estimates that we accord before servicing.

    Your data will be fully recouped in no time.

    Phone Data Recovery Cost

    The rates for phone data recuperation hang on its brand and model. Skim through the price list below to grasp various costs of recuperating data for various phone models. 

    Service Name Estimated PriceTimeNote
    Cell Phone Data Recoveryn/an/aparts is not included
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      Can Android data be recovered?

      Yes, Android days can be perfectly retrieved by data recouping specialists using advanced recuperation tools and techniques.

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