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    Samsung phone motherboard repair is necessary when any of the microcircuits on the board fail. This may take the form of various technical problems. For example, the sound in your smartphone has disappeared and replacing the speaker does not help. Or the gadget has stopped charging, although the connector is working properly. Or the battery overheats and discharges quickly, boots up unexpectedly or cannot turn on, etc.

    Of course, in each of these cases, you first need to accurately determine the cause of the breakdown, and only then order repairs to fix the problem. You can do this in Good Zone for free. If the check shows that Samsung phone motherboard repair is required, we will do this work quickly and efficiently.

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    For over a decade, we've been effectively remedying various main board defects. This unique experience has enabled us to be able to correct any defect you may have.

    Our servicing is performed keenly and per the highest recommended standards. Also, with the help of a vast reserve of spare parts and hi-tech tools, the rectifications are swift and exceedingly skillful.

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    The main circuit board is the heartbeat of the handset. Although this part is protected by a case, it often gets damaged due to its fragility and sensitivity, and therefore Samsung phone motherboard repair is a sought-after service.

    There can be many reasons for the breakdown:

    • liquid getting on the device;
    • mechanical damage to the gadget;
    • attempts to charge the phone using non-original devices;
    • damage to connectors;
    • device overheating, etc.

    When the main board is defective you'll notice the following things.

    - The device is unable to power on.

    - Continuous rebooting of the gadget.

    - Excessive overheating and battery charge drains rapidly.

    - The handset powers off without notice.

    In an instance where your smartphone cannot power on, the cause is usually a damaged power IC. Since the circuit is connected to capacitors, we'll test them all to ascertain their functionality. We also test the CPU and swap all faulty components.

    Samsung phone motherboard repair is a complex process that may involve micro-soldering and other painstaking manipulations. Our service technicians, after examining the gadget, will choose the best option - repairing the board or replacing it completely. Most service centers refuse to repair this component, preferring to replace it, but we try to choose the most profitable option for the client.


    Experienced Good Zone repairmen will complete such complex work as Samsung phone motherboard repair in the shortest possible time. Any day of the week we will restore your gadget to full functionality, regardless of the cause of the breakdown.

    This process consists of the following steps:

    - disassembling the phone case;

    - the gradual dismantling of modules from the old board: main camera, speaker, memory card slot, display;

    - installation of a new board;

    - soldering devices onto the board in reverse order.

    But you don’t have to figure out the mechanism of your smartphone yourself if you can contact the Good Zone service center in Brooklyn at any time. Our team offers fast and high-quality gadget repair, including Samsung phone motherboard repair. Low prices and a guarantee for the work done will help reduce the cost of servicing the device.

    Our track record of sufficiently solving several device issues has enabled us to be able to solve any device issue you've.

    We can assure you of a same-day reunion with your device through our skillful and rapid repairs.

    You'll also get a free consultation to help you know the causes and possible remedies.


    Our rates for rectifying Samsung mainboards vary depending on their model. Take a look at the list below to learn our friendly fees for remedying various main circuit boards.

    Service Name Estimated PriceTimeNote
    Samsung Phone Motherboard Repairn/an/aparts is not included
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    Good Zone Shop & Repair Service is located in Brooklyn. Our service provides customers with fast, fair, and affordable device repairs. We will bring your device back to life within the hour (for not complicated repairs/replacements).

    No longer needing to worry about purchasing new devices because of unexpectedly costly repair fees, GoodZone repair is the perfect solution for you.

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