Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair Service

When your laptop abruptly shuts down, displays a blue or black screen, has no video, freezes or overheats, you should take it seriously. 

Motherboard problems are a pain, but Good Zone Service is here to help. We do not only provide Dell laptop motherboard repair services but also have an extensive inventory of spare parts and accessories so that you can get your defective Dell laptop motherboard replacement from us.

  • We accept laptops via mail
  • You can bring laptops to our store

If you’re looking for a motherboard repair, look no further than Good Zone Shop & Service.

Dell laptop repair in NYC

We Solve Any Problem With Dell Laptop Motherboard

Dell’s motherboards are usually unbreakable, but the ICs of these motherboards provide current to the whole system. If any defect occurs in it, the laptop shuts off. 

With this, sometimes defected IC left more burden on the motherboard, leaving it in a state to suffer. Good Zone locate the defects in ICs and replace or repair them, so things work better for you. 

Also, a damaged motherboard brings more problems, like frequent shutting down of the laptop, blue or black screen, scrambled images, no display, etc. For this,  we do not only repair but also replace motherboards.

Motherboard Replacement/Repair Cost

At Good Zone, we provide a complete solution to your motherboard repair. Even though it has stopped working due to physical damage or overheating, our certified team manages everything for you.  

Get our DELL laptop motherboard replacement cost and avail of our services.

Service Name
Estimated Price
Laptop Motherboard Replacement
from $175
Part cost are not included
Laptop Motherboard Repair (Soldering)
from $175
no warranty
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Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair with Good Zone Shop & Service

Good Zone Shop & Services is the best option you have for motherboard repair. What we are claiming contains reasons. Our best services include highly certified technicians and engineers who know precisely where the problem lies. 

With this, We are open 7 days a week, so you don’t need to worry about missing work or being without your laptop. Above all, we are granting a 30-day warranty on Repairs.

With us, you do not need an appointment. Use either in the mail or shop service, and we are right at your service.  

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  • Is the motherboard worth repairing?

    Yes, the motherboards are worth repairing for laptops if the damage isn’t extreme. However, if the ICs are not working or the motherboard is dead, we prefer to replace it. 

  • Can a motherboard be repaired?

    Yes, the motherboard of the laptop is replaceable. However, the cost of returning the motherboard in a Dell laptop is a bit high. So, we first prefer to repair it if we could then move to replacement. 

  • Can I replace my Dell motherboard?

    Yes, a motherboard is the core of a laptop. You can replace your Dell motherboard. The process is simple, and we can guide you through it. 

  • How easy is it to replace a Dell laptop motherboard?

    It’s pretty easy! You can return your laptop motherboard in less than an hour. All you need is a new motherboard and Phillips screwdriver and some skills.