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    A desktop motherboard is a complicated circuit board that acts as the brain. Everything the computer does, from using memory to working with peripherals and sending data, depends on the motherboard. If the laptop doesn’t turn on, it could be a case of a faulty motherboard. When a motherboard fails, most people rush to purchase a new desktop. But there are scenarios when this isn’t the solution.

    Good Zone Shop & Service has technicians that’ll run diagnostics to determine if the computer motherboard is faulty or dead. Once we’ve determined its condition, we can advise on the best approach.

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    What are the signs of a dead motherboard?

    It can be difficult to determine if the motherboard is dead or is failing. It takes experience and a diagnosis to determine if the motherboard is dead or not. The system will usually give off several clues before the motherboard dies. Some of the clues include:

    • Glitches and freezes – when the desktop becomes unresponsive, and you have to stare at a frozen screen. If the programs are glitchy, it could signify the motherboard is failing.
    • Blue screen – the blue screen of death often denotes the system cannot operate safely. Moreover, it means the system will soon fail due to an error in the processing code.
    • Slowing down – reduced program performance or the keys typed take time to respond is a sign of failure.
    • Not recognizing hardware – it could start with the system not reading a flash drive or the mouse. While it could mean the hardware is problematic, the motherboard could be failing.

    Aside from these, you’ll know the motherboard is already dead when the desktop goes off suddenly and doesn’t turn on.

    Desktop Motherboard Repair and Replacement

    Motherboard damage can be caused by overheating, dust, physical damage, old age, or a power surge. Often these lead to a host of other problems as well. Our technicians run thorough diagnostics to determine the extent of damage and how to repair it.

    • Hp desktop repair – if your Hp desktop isn’t recognizing hardware like your mouse or keyboard, the motherboard may be the problem. We can fix it fast and affordably.
    • Dell desktop motherboard repair service – if the motherboard is water-damaged or is slow in performance, we’ll replace or run software fixes.
    • Lenovo desktop repair – if the system is constantly freezing, it could signify impending doom. We can address the problem before the motherboard dies completely.

    We Can Help You With Desktop Motherboard Repair/Replacement in NYC

    when your desktop turns off and doesn’t power on; we can help you determine if the motherboard is the culprit or not. If it is, we’ll replace it with an original part. But if the issue can be fixed without replacement, we’ll attend to it fast and at an affordable rate.

    Contact our experts for a free consultation and to schedule an inspection date to determine the best approach.

    Desktop motherboard Repair Prices

    We avoid giving blanket motherboard repair prices since it can be misleading. The costs depend on the underlying cause of failure. Once we’ve determined the problem and know the fix, we can confidently present a quote. However, our repair prices start from $175. Remember that our repairs and replacement services might take longer than a business day, depending on part availability.

    Repair Or Replace Your Motherboard With Good Zone Shop & Service

    Determining motherboard damage can be tricky and requires an expert. Our technicians are skilled and experienced on this front enough to deliver quality service. We offer a 90-day warranty on our desktop motherboard repair services and deliver fast.

    Contact us today to get a free consultation and schedule an inspection.

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    Good Zone Shop & Repair Service is located in Brooklyn. Our service provides customers with fast, fair, and affordable device repairs. We will bring your device back to life within the hour (for not complicated repairs/replacements).

    No longer needing to worry about purchasing new devices because of unexpectedly costly repair fees, GoodZone repair is the perfect solution for you.

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      How much does it cost to repair a motherboard?

      The repair costs vary greatly depending on the parts of the motherboard affected. However, the costs start from $175. In some cases, the costs vary depending on the desktop type and brand.

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