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Drone gimbal repair is often required after falls, accidents and collisions. A new camera gimbal can be quite expensive, so you'll be much better off fixing your drone in Good Zone.

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    Customers often bring us drones with a damaged camera gimbal, and this is explained very simply. Users try to make video shooting as spectacular as possible and try to choose unusual angles, using hard-to-reach places. In such situations, the risk of damage to the device increases many times over. The drone falls, and breaks, and drone gimbal repair becomes inevitable.

    Fortunately, such problems can be easily fixed if real professionals take on the matter. Good Zone engineers will fix the problem within an hour at an affordable price, and before that, they will conduct a free diagnosis of the gadget to make sure there are no other problems.

    If your camera gimbal is damaged, bring it or send it by mail to us. We are experts with skills and experience to return your drone’s vision, enabling you to capture images and shoot videos from a bird’s eye view. Our trained experts will perform drone gimbal repair services which involve calibration, reattachment, and reconnection.

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    Stabilizing gimbals are designed to securely hold the camera on the drone. With their help, it is possible to achieve balance in the camera position, and also protect the picture from shaking, vibration and other negative influences. But the gimbal will correctly perform its functions, it must have professional maintenance and timely drone gimbal repair.

    For example, what will you do if your DJI Mavic Pro shows an error like “Gimbal Motor Overload”? Many things can cause this error, but the common one is the cable that sends power to the gimbal control.

    A minor crash can easily damage that cable. The damage can be inside the gimbal assembly, so you may or may not be able to see it. An impaired gimbal or a gimbal that cannot move properly are other causes of gimbal error. During drone gimbal repair, specialists may also need to do the replacement of parts like the motors inside the gimbal.

    Gimbal Errors that we also repair are

    • Gimbal Gyroscope.
    • Gimbal Obstructed.

    If you notice that your favorite device is not working correctly, don’t worry, we can fix it.

    Our team of trained technicians uses advanced methods, the right tools, and equipment to perform drone gimbal repair and replacement to solve such errors.


    Repair of drones and any other equipment begins with a detailed check. Drone diagnostics will help you make sure that internal components have not failed as a result of mechanical damage. Often external defects seem insignificant, but during inspection engineers discover defects in the internal part of the device.

    Diagnostics helps the engineer to select an effective method of troubleshooting, and also to understand what steps are best to take in this situation - drone gimbal repair or replacement. After agreeing with the client on the timing and cost of repair work, we began to carry it out.

    At the time of delivery of the drone, we provide the client with a one-month warranty, which covers both the work performed and the components installed.

    Our team of qualified specialists is ready to perform any drone gimbal repair services you need. We provide a customer-oriented service to meet all your needs.

    We are open seven days a week to meet your requirements.

    Service NameEstimated PriceTimeNote
    Camera Gimbal RepairFrom $992h+part cost is not included
    Contact Us Now for DetailsFree5m

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    Good Zone Shop & Repair Service is located in Brooklyn. Our service provides customers with fast, fair, and affordable device repairs. We will bring your device back to life within the hour (for not complicated repairs/replacements).

    No longer needing to worry about purchasing new devices because of unexpectedly costly repair fees, GoodZone repair is the perfect solution for you.

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    Do you have any questions?


      Nermin Radoncic

      Great place to go to. Easy fix no issues. Go on a weekday and it will be faster. Thank you my brothers

      Albert Wilkins

      Great service for a good price. I've used them before and will use them again. The prices were fair. They are honest, prompt and courteous. They will do the job right the first time.

      gerald chaveez

      I was recommended this service by another friend. The reviews about them were mixed, so I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with their service and work. They fixed my phone and made sure everything was up to date. They also gave me a good discount on the anti-shock film. Thank you for your work!


      Is a gimbal worth it for a camera?

      A gimbal is especially useful for a videographer or photographer who needs a stabilizer to shoot clips that are moving fast. A gimbal makes such clips or images stable and more clear.

      How do you fix an abnormal gimbal vibration?

      Performing a gimbal calibration will help fix abnormal gimbal vibrations. Before take-off, you can check the vibration parts such as the absorbing board, rubber balls, and damper to ensure they are functioning properly. Fixing gimbal errors caused by environmental factors can help eliminate the vibration.

      How do you fix gimbal overload?

      Gimbal overload is an error that occurs when something is preventing the movement of the gimbal and causing it to strain. To fix the error, remove debris, ensure there’s no heavyweight from accessories on the gimbal, and perform calibration. If the problem continues, take it to a specialist who will examine and fix it. An expert has the skills to repair or replace the gimbal professionally.

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