HP Laptop Motherboard Replacement & Repair Service

Does your HP laptop turn on but with no display? Does it shut down unexpectedly or simply don’t start? Does it have distorted graphics? Often the culprit is a defective motherboard. If you’re advised to replace your faulty motherboard, don’t panic or think of ditching your laptop. We’ll fix it for you and save you the cost! At Good Zone Shop and Services we understand how sensitive the HP motherboard is and we’re specialized in repairing HP laptop motherboards. All repairs we’ll be done with strict adherence to a high standard and with high-quality parts.

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We Solve Any Problem With HP Laptop Motherboard

The HP laptop motherboard is the central unit for all laptop connections. This has led some service centers to inadvertently misadvised HP laptop owners to replace the entire motherboard which is often not necessary. Don’t compromise, let your HP laptop be serviced by expert technicians who’ll pinpoint the exact problem and have it fully functional in no time.

HP Motherboard rarely gets faulty, often it’s a solo IC in the laptop which fails and affects the entire circuit system. At Good Zone Shop we have highly experienced technicians who will identify the faulty IC and replace its chip thus enabling smooth current flow. Ineffective circuits may lead to power loss which will overload the rest of the motherboard system. We’ve highly experienced technicians who’re familiar with every nitty-gritty of HP laptop motherboard repairs. Kindly note that we don’t only offer HP laptop motherboard replacement, but all HP laptop motherboard repair services.

HP Laptop Motherboard Replacement/Repair Cost 

The cost of HP motherboard replacement/repair varies depending on the model. Good Zone Shop’s HP laptop motherboard replacement/repair cost is listed below:

Service Name
Estimated Price
Laptop Motherboard Replacement
from $175
Part costs are not included
Laptop Motherboard Repair (Soldering)
from $175
no warranty
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HP Laptop Motherboard Repair with Good Zone Shop & Service

At Good Zone Shop, you’ll enjoy customer-oriented service. You can be assured that your HP laptop motherboard will be repaired and replaced with high-quality parts and a guaranteed 30-day warranty on repairs. You’ll also get an HP laptop motherboard upgrade that will eventually speed up the operation of any computer. You don’t have to make an appointment for an HP laptop motherboard replacement, we’re open 7 days a week with standby experts ready to attend to all HP laptop motherboard-related queries. We’ll have your laptop fixed and fully functional in no time.


  • Is replacing a laptop motherboard worth it?

    If a laptop is not so old, it's worth replacing the motherboard. Even though it's expensive, it will have an overall improvement in speed, excellent graphic support, and better hardware support.

  • Can the HP motherboard be repaired?

    Yes, the HP motherboard can be repaired after a qualified technician has ascertained that the extent of the damage requires a repair other than replacement.

  • Can I upgrade the motherboard in my HP laptop?

    It can be upgraded, however, an experienced technician is needed who can access the same attached components and the same motherboard since they vary widely.