iPad 3 Battery Replacement

Has something changed about your iPad 3 battery and it is no longer reliable? If peradventure is swollen making your LCD bulge or it shuts down quicker than before or it is not even holding charge anymore, or whatever issue it has, then get an urgent and reliable iPad 3 battery replacement.

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    With us at Good Zone Service & Repairs, it is not just about a reliable and fast iPad 3 battery replacement service but also affordable, professional, and quality.

    You have an option of bringing it to our office or mailing it in.

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    We Provide a Professional iPad 3 Battery Replacement

    We are specialists Apple iPad 3 battery replacement stores. We offer free and second-to-none diagnoses to expertly determine the exact battery symptom.  

    We have provided a solution to many of such iPad 3 battery challenges, from the battery that takes too long in charging to those that heat up and several other issues.    

    Some procedures we have may include but are not limited to:  

    • Conduct a complete professional diagnosis
    • Dissemble iPad 3 patiently starting with removing strong adhesive with a heat gun or related tool
    • Pry up the screen spudger or any other prying tool but be careful with the Digitizer and Wifi connection
    • Disconnect overlaying components like audio jack, speakers, etc
    • Remove the faulty battery using low heat if it is glued to the back -the panel
    • Replacement with battery and re-couple back

    Real-life situations are best handled with each device as procedures slightly defers. Get in touch with us first for specialist direction on your iPad generation 3 battery replacement.

    iPad 3 Battery Replacement With Us

    We are a professional repair and replacement company and takes our customer having a great experience very seriously. We have gone to length to ensure the following:

    1. Qualified Technicians: Skilled, qualified, and trained staff especially technicians are part of our assets and investments
    2. Same Day Service Available: Delighting our customers is important to us, we put in all needed to hand in your fixed device same day and not beyond
    3. Quality Parts: Low-quality parts are never in line with success; this we know quite well and therefore only deal in the best quality parts for our services  

    Our office and services await you. You will be glad you did.

    iPad 3 Battery Replacement Cost

    Battery replacement iPad 3 cost with us does not cost arm and leg. See the price list:

    Service NameEstimated PriceTimeNote
    iPad 3 Battery Replacementn/an/aparts cost is not included
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    Good Zone Shop & Repair Service is located in Brooklyn. Our service provides customers with fast, fair, and affordable device repairs. We will bring your device back to life within the hour (for not complicated repairs/replacements).

    No longer needing to worry about purchasing new devices because of unexpectedly costly repair fees, GoodZone repair is the perfect solution for you.

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    Do you have any questions?

    Do you have any questions?


      Nermin Radoncic

      Great place to go to. Easy fix no issues. Go on a weekday and it will be faster. Thank you my brothers

      Albert Wilkins

      Great service for a good price. I've used them before and will use them again. The prices were fair. They are honest, prompt and courteous. They will do the job right the first time.

      gerald chaveez

      I was recommended this service by another friend. The reviews about them were mixed, so I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with their service and work. They fixed my phone and made sure everything was up to date. They also gave me a good discount on the anti-shock film. Thank you for your work!


      How long should an iPad 3 battery last?

      10-hour of constant usage is possible with iPad 3 while 72-hour of less intense use are achievable. This is recommended standard calculated by Apple based on the LCD screen light consumption rate and the mAh size of the battery at manufacture.

      How do I know if my iPad battery needs replacing?

      There are two ways to confirm. First by software, go through settings, battery, and current health. If it is below 85% then change the iPad battery. Through hardware check by confirming if there are frequent crashes, fast draining, or too frequent charges.

      How do I revive a dead iPad battery?

      There are two ways. If your iPad is the type with the Home Button, then simply press and hold the Power button as well as the Home button at the same time. As soon as the Apple logo comes up then release the two buttons.  If however, the iPad is without a Home button, then press and release the Volume Up button thereafter immediately press and release the Volume Down button.

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