iPhone 11 Pro Max Microphone Replacement

Do you have issues with people hearing you when you make a call on your iPhone 11 Pro? Are you unable to record voice notes? Or are video sounds not working on your iPhone 11 Pro? If so, you need to bring it over or mail it to Good Zone Service and Repairs asap. 
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    Our expert engineers and technicians will examine the three microphones on the phone and will replace them with parts of the finest quality. The best thing about this repair is that we aim to fix and ship back your gadget within 24 hours of receiving it.

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    We Provide an iPhone 11 Pro Max Mic Replacement You Can Trust

    There are three microphones on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, each in a distinct place. Each of these mics has a specific purpose. The microphone used for calls is located below, next to the lightning connector. The stereo speaker is located on the right side grill, while the call-taking built-in microphone is located on the left side grill. The ear speaker and another microphone are located on the top of the screen.

    You can trust our expert engineers will examine all three microphones to detect which is faulty and replace it without hassle. 

    iPhone 11 Pro Max Microphone Replacement With Us

    Our skilled specialists, who have over 10 years of experience in the field, will examine your device as soon as it arrives at our workshop and note any issues. We will let you know what we discovered, and if there are any discrepancies, we will let you know before moving forward with any additional work.

    As soon as we receive your device, we strive to start and finish your repair within 24 to 48 hours. We will get in touch with you to let you know if any problems or delays prevent us from finishing the repair within the specified time limit.

    Our customer care representatives are always available to answer your questions and are happy to provide you with a free estimate. We are anticipating your visit to Good Zone Service and Repairs.

    iPhone 11 Pro Max Microphone Replacement Cost

    Here’s a breakdown of the repair cost of your iPhone 11 Pro Max Microphone replacement.

    Service NameEstimated PriceTimeNote
    iPhone 11 Pro Max Microphone Replacementn/a30m+
    Contact Us Now for DetailsFree5m

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    Good Zone Shop & Repair Service is located in Brooklyn. Our service provides customers with fast, fair, and affordable device repairs. We will bring your device back to life within the hour (for not complicated repairs/replacements).

    No longer needing to worry about purchasing new devices because of unexpectedly costly repair fees, GoodZone repair is the perfect solution for you.

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    Do you have any questions?

    Do you have any questions?


      Nermin Radoncic

      Great place to go to. Easy fix no issues. Go on a weekday and it will be faster. Thank you my brothers

      Albert Wilkins

      Great service for a good price. I've used them before and will use them again. The prices were fair. They are honest, prompt and courteous. They will do the job right the first time.

      gerald chaveez

      I was recommended this service by another friend. The reviews about them were mixed, so I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with their service and work. They fixed my phone and made sure everything was up to date. They also gave me a good discount on the anti-shock film. Thank you for your work!


      Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max mic good?

      Yes. The iPhone 11 Pro Max microphones are excellent. They offer the kind of dynamics that iPhones are known for providing, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is delivered in this regard. 

      How do I test my microphone on my iPhone 11 Pro Max?

      Launch the Voice Memos app. Press the Record button, speak into the phone's bottom speaker, and then press the Stop recording button. You should be able to clearly hear your voice when you replay the memo if the Mic works. If you don't hear your voice clearly or at all, then the Mic is not good

      Why is iPhone 11 mic muffled?

      Your microphone is most likely muffled because the opening of the speaker is blocked by dirt. If required, clean the speaker or receiver opening with a tiny, soft-bristled brush. Ensure  the brush is clean and dry. Contact a reputable repair company like Good Zone Service and Repairs if nothing changes.

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