Laptop Hinge Repair Service

Have a cracked or weak hinge on your laptop? If you’re viewing this page, there’s a strong likelihood that your laptop hinge has at least some form of physical damage. This is especially true if you’ve been using it for a while. It can be remedied! If you bring it in, we’ll be able to tell you more clearly what we’ll need to do to fix it, including whether or not to replace the hinges and whether or not the hinge cover will also need to be replaced. Bring your laptop in today so that we can take a look at it, and correctly diagnose the issue you are having with it. We repair laptop hinges. It will probably only take a few hours, if that, to find a solution to your problem.

Pick which you find most convenient, and we’ll attend to you through either of our service options: In-Store and Mail-In.

We can fix your Laptop Hinge

Laptop hinge damage can manifest in a wide variety of forms. Do not be hesitant to get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about this service. We are able to assist you at any point where the hinges on your computer are starting to come loose. Repairing broken hinges is a typical issue that arises with a variety of gadgets. This issue can be brought on by physical damage or just general wear and tear. There are laptop models infamous for having problems of this nature, but we have a lot of experience helping clients find solutions to these problems!   There have been instances in which we’ve seen computers entirely separated and split down the middle. If you’re in this situation, bring it in so that we may take a look at it. It may be easier to fix than it looks.

Laptop Hinge Repair Cost

Our broken laptop hinge repair cost range:

Service Name
Estimated Price
Laptop Hinge Repair\Replacement
part cost is not included

Laptop Hinge Repair with Good Zone Shop & Service

For the fastest laptop hinge repair service, you can trust Good Zone Repairs to deliver quality service with the best replacement parts at the most affordable rates. We boast of a track record of fast repair turn-around time and our expert engineers will attend to you whenever you reach out to us through our mail-in and in-shop repair options.


  • Can laptop hinges be repaired?

    Yes, they can. There are multiple ways to do a laptop screen hinge repair, and you probably don't want to incur excessive costs to buy a new one when you can get it restored for way less.

  • Why do laptop hinges break?

    Dropping the laptop while opening it is a common cause of broken hinges; nevertheless, material fatigue could also be the reason. However, the majority of the time, people wind up breaking the hinges on their laptops. If the laptop hinges break, there is a chance that the unprotected display cable will also be damaged at some point.

  • How long do laptop hinges last?

    If you take good care of your laptop's hinges, you may anticipate that they will remain functional for approximately five to six years.