Laptop Motherboard Repair Service

Is your computer starting to boot very slowly? Are peripherals on your computer falling off? Are you seeing strange behavior on your monitor in the form of flickering, screen stripes, or unexpected freezes? Most likely, the motherboard is failing.

We have the solution! Our experts are the best at laptop motherboard repair service. The team is highly experienced in laptop motherboard replacement, so they do not consume customers’ time. They can spot the fault on time and start repairing it the next second. 

You can access our service through either of two convenient options: In-Store and Mail-In

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We Can Fix Your Laptop Motherboard

If your desktop computer is slow, blinking, or flickering, or if there is a burning plastic smell; do not wait! Bring it to us. There is a never-ending list of motherboard problems but our experts  are available for laptop motherboard repair. They are well aware of every minute detail of  existing hardware and other replacement parts. 

Also, their years of experience help them make the device fixed rather laptop motherboard replacement. With this, you can save some extra pennies from spending on a new motherboard.

Laptop Motherboard Replacement/Repair Cost

We are price efficient. Our services are highly competitive but pretty affordable. Our Motherboard replacement costs are as follows

Service Name
Estimated Price
Laptop Motherboard Replacement
Part costs is not included
Laptop Motherboard Repair (Soldering)

Laptop Motherboard Repair with Good Zone Shop & Service

The motherboard can quickly get damaged. Some of the reasons are heating, continuous use of the laptop without any break, not using a comfortable heating pad, and keeping the laptop in dirty and dusty places.

A motherboard repair service can give it back its original speed and functioning capacities. Our repair costs are reasonable with the best electronics experts with years of experience. 

We work 7 days a week, making it very convenient for the customer to reach us. Soon as you fill a form, our representative will connect with you. So we are highly recommended because of all the qualities we possess along with customer assurity.


  • Can laptop motherboards be repaired?

    Motherboards are sensitive, and even a small virus can easily damage their functioning, but they are repairable in most cases. It is something doable, and our experts provide excellent service for repairing the motherboard.

  • Is it worth replacing a laptop motherboard?

    It is not worth it to replace the motherboard. They are costly, and if a thing can be repaired, there is no point in spending vast sums of money on buying another.

  • Why do laptop motherboards get damaged?

    There are several reasons for motherboard failure, but the most common is overheating. Heat wears out all hardware over time, but it's especially important that it doesn't damage the motherboard, given that it's where all other components plug into. That is why your laptop should be regularly serviced by specialists.