Service for HP Laptop Hinge Repair

Do you hear abnormal sounds when you open or close your laptop lid? Or do you see the plastic cover flexing unusually or cracked? Then your Hp laptop hinge might be damaged. The normal wear and tear because of opening and closing of laptop lid at point affect hinges. Sometimes the defect may be at the point of its connection. Bring it to us, we’ll fix it. We have expert technicians at Good Zone Shop who will repair your HP laptop hinge in no time and restore your Laptop to its optimal position the same day you bring it in.

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We Fix HP Hinge Laptop

Hinges are rarely in good condition, this is because they’re the most used part of a laptop. When it comes to HP laptop hinge repair, they’re two general ways of repairing them. The first and most common but ineffective is “gluing”. This is where the damaged parts of the hinge are glued. The second option which we are offering is to replace the hinge. This is of great value as it’s durable.

If you’re having difficulty closing or opening your laptop’s lid, then you may need to visit an expert for hinge repairing services. Mostly the plastic that runs through the panel gets damaged and can’t support panels. This can be corrected by repair or replacement.

HP Laptop Hinge Repair Cost

The price of the HP laptop hinge repair cost depends on the model of the HP laptop. Good Zone Shop’s HP laptop hinge repair/replacement cost is listed below.

Service Name
Estimated Price
HP Laptop Hinge Repair\Replacement
from 75$
part cost is not included
HP Laptop

We Fix or Replace Laptop Hinges Quickly

At Good Zone Shop & Service, you can rest assured that your HP laptop hinges repair will be done professionally and with high-quality parts. You don’t need to book an appointment to come for laptop hinge repairs, we’re open 7 days a week and we’ve got a team of expert technicians ready to offer you customer-oriented service on all your laptop hinge queries. We’ll have your laptop fixed and fully functional the same day you bring it in!


  • How much does HP laptop hinge repair cost? 

    The cost of repairing an HP laptop hinge will vary depending on various things. First, the repair may require the replacement of some parts like the front bezel which vary in price depending on the laptop's model. Sometimes it's replacing a cracked plastic holder, holding an anchoring screw, and brass socket which comes at different costs depending on the laptop's model and the extent of the damage.

  • Can a broken hinge on an HP laptop be fixed?

    The HP laptop hinges can be fixed as the spare parts are readily available

  • Can laptop hinges be repaired?

    Broken hinges can be repaired in several ways. Often the plastic case gets damaged which requires replacing. Nevertheless, in some cases, the hinge 

    may need replacing. Therefore, the repair is largely determined by the extent of damage 

  • Why do HP laptop hinges break?

    The common cause of breakage are:

    • The impact of a laptop falling on a hard surface.
    • Normal wear and tear due to use.
    • Applying excessive force when opening and closing which wears off hinges.
    • Moisture that leads to tightening of the revolving parts. 

    In most cases the damage doesn't happen abruptly, you'll always monitor excess tightness when closing or opening, and the panel does stand well. Don't try to twist the panel into position; you'll destroy more internal components, visit an expert for assistance.