HP Laptop Power Jack Repair Service

You’ve just tried charging your laptop after the low battery warning but the laptop is not charging even after trying in vain to fit the charger perfectly. The problem might be a faulty power jack. The normal wear and tear due to plugging and unplugging the charger eventually damages the power jack. Since it connects power to the laptop if it’s damaged the laptop will not charge. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean your laptop is beyond repair. We’ve got you covered! Good Zone Shop is among the few experts in NYC who are specialized in HP laptop power jack repair. We can perfectly fix your HP laptop power jack and bring it to its full functionality in no time.

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We Can Fix Your HP Laptop Charger Port

As leading experts, our service focuses on both repairing and helping you prevent future damage to your DC jack.

Some of the common causes of DC power jack damage are:

  • Poor reinforcement of the power jack system by motherboard/casing results in severe stress on the system.
  • Loosening of parts due to wear and tear. These loosened parts destabilize current flow.
  • Frequent rough removal of charger and impact also damage DC power jack.


The types of damages caused to the power jack that result from the above causes are:

  • Severely damaged internal pins.
  • Sparks due to power jack’s overheating.
  • The damaged connector of the power jack and circuit. This may require an entire DC replacement.
  • Loose or miss-positioned power jack’s pin/charger.

Note that a faulty power jack is not the only cause for the charger port not working. Other causes are faulty batteries or faulty power cables. In any case, you can visit our team of experts who will diagnose the exact problem and give an effective solution.

HP Laptop Power Jack Repair Cost

The price of the HP laptop power jack repair depends on the HP laptop’s model. Good Zone Shop’s HP laptop jack repairing cost is listed below:

Service Name
Estimated Price
Laptop Jack Repair/Replacement
from 99$
part cost is not included
HP Laptop

Trust Us to Repair Your HP Laptop Power Connector

At Good Zone Shop, you can be assured you’ll get your HP laptop power connector repairs and other wide range repairs such as an HP laptop power plug repair will be done professionally with high-quality parts. You don’t need to book an appointment to do an HP laptop power connector repair, we’re open 7 days a week. You’ll enjoy customer-oriented service for all your queries from our standby experienced repair engineers. We’ll repair your laptop and hand it over to you fully functional the same day you bring it in!


  • How do I replace the power jack on my laptop?

    To replace your power jack follow the procedure below:

    • Turn off your laptop and disconnect it from the power source.
    • Remove the battery, optical drive, and base covers.
    • Remove the solid-state drive and clamp for the hinge securing the display panel.
    • Slowly detach the power jack terminal and remove it. 
    • Once a new power jack is fitted, reassemble all components.

    You can always consult our expert technicians as disassembling procedures differ depending on the model of the laptop.

  • Can a laptop charging port be fixed?

    The HP laptop charging port repair can be done after an experienced technician has diagnosed the exact sources of the problem. The cause often can result from a damaged charging port, faulty battery, or faulty power jack.

    You'll need to consult an expert technician to pinpoint the exact problem and offer a reasonable HP laptop charging port repair cost.

  • Why is my HP charging port not working?

    The causes are:

    • The charging port may be loose or filled with dirt.
    • Outdated Software might force your computer to shut down.
    • Deteriorating battery health.
    • Overheating may lead to the laptop shutting down.

    You'll need to seek a professional if all the above conditions are ok.