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    Does your MacBook Air make a cracking sound when you open/close its lid, is its lid unable to stand upright, is its lid unable to open normally or close completely, or is your plastic cover cracked around the hinge? If this sounds like problems you're experiencing with your Mac, then you might have a hinge problem. Let our adept repair person have a look at it and we'll restore it for you.

    Our crew of highly skillful repair persons has successfully rectified several Macs with hinge issues. For this reason, all your hinge defects will be solved perfectly.

    The servicing involves a keen examination to ensure all clumping screws and sockets are in good condition. We'll then replace defective components or tighten loose components.

    All mending is accomplished per the highest recommended standard and through the utilization of the finest quality parts.

    Feel free to access these proficient services through either of these options:

    • In-store: welcome any day to our store and have your hinge masterly mended.
    • Mail-in: send your defective MacBook Air and we'll skilfully remedy it and send it back to you.

    Service detail

    We Repair MacBook Air Hinge

    The MacBook Air, just like other Apple computers,  has stood the test of time in terms of performance and durability. Nevertheless, sometimes they get damaged. One of its components that suffers damage due to the frequency of use is the hinges.

    Take a look at some of the signs that might point out that your hinges are deficient.

    • Cracking sound when the lid is opened or closed.
    • The lid is unable to close completely or open to its normal position.
    •  The display can't stand in an upright position.
    • When closing, the lid goes on a free fall when you've not near the full closing position (around 30 degrees or more).

    When you notice some of these signs like a lid not being able to stand upright you might be tempted to twist it into position. Don't make such an action. It'll likely damage connections or LCD and cause more problems.


    When you come for hinge fixes we'll carefully examine all components including screws and sockets. We don't use the common gluing method that is prevalent among many service centers. This often doesn't offer a lasting solution since hinges are subjected to much pressure and glue will eventually crack. Also, the bonding elements added like powder can enter revolving parts and screw sockets and cause poor clamping or rotation.

    The method we use which offers a lasting solution is to replace defective parts and test them for functionality.

    MacBook Air Hinge Repair With Us

    You can have certainty that all your MacBook Air hinge rectification will be carried out expertly using first-grade quality parts.

    Our compassionate crew of adept repair persons is on standby every day of the week to handle all your Mac's hinge queries.

    With over a decade of successfully servicing MacBook Air hinges, all your hinges issues will be solved swiftly and amicably.

    We stock a vast reserve of Apple replacement components and your laptop will fully function in minimum time.

    MacBook Air Hinge Repair Cost

    The amount we charge for MacBook Air hinge restoration is largely determined by its model. Skim through the table below to learn different rectification rates for various MacBook Air models.

    Service NameEstimated PriceTimeNote
    MacBook Air Hinge Repair$851h+part cost is not included
    Contact Us Now for DetailsFree5m

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      How do you fix a loose hinge on MacBook Air?

      To mend a loose hinge we'll follow the procedure below.

      • First, we remove the back cover.
      • Second, we remove the plastic strip that covers the area where the hinges are using a special tool.
      • Third, we tighten the hinges and test them to ensure they move freely. If the screw appears worn we'll replace them.
      • Finally, we resemble everything back together.

      What is the best glue for a laptop hinge? 

      You can use epoxy glue or super glue. Nevertheless, this doesn't offer a lasting solution as it's likely to break in the future due to a lot of force subject to hinges when opening or closing the laptop's lid.

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