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    So you've accidentally spilled liquid on your MacBook and it has stopped functioning. Let our experts have a look at it and will restore it.

    Our able team of MacBook technicians has successfully repaired water-damaged MacBooks for a long time.

    We are armed with modern specialized equipment to efficiently diagnose, clean and repair all affected parts. Any logic board component that has been affected by rust or short short-circuiting will be perfectly fixed. Also, other power lines like LVDS cables connecting LCD and logic board will be examined and fixed.

    The laptop will then be entirely cleaned and each component tested separately for functionality.

    You're welcome to use either of these options to access our services.

    • In-store: you can stroll into our store and have your MacBook fixed by a professional.
    • Mail-in: send your defective MacBook for repair and you'll receive it back in optimal condition.

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    We Can Definitely Fix Your Water-Damaged MacBook! 

    In case you've accidentally spilled water on your MacBook, make a quick move of turning it off to salvage it.

    You might be wondering if it's ok to just clean visible water and dry it then go on with your normal operation.

    Well, the risk of not taking your water-damaged MacBook for examination is the growth of molds and rust. First, the mold is likely to cause health issues to you as you normally use your laptop in a position close to the air you breathe. Secondly, the metallic components like connection points and soldered joints of chips will rust. This leads to poor signal transmission, components failure and short-circuiting in case rust builds up links in joints that are designed to be independent.

    Therefore, this calls for swift action to save your MacBook. We carry out professional cleaning and use some advanced equipment to ensure your Mac is meticulously cleaned. The entire process is keenly monitored to ensure complete dryness is achieved.  

    Finally, all components are tested separately to certify if they're optimally operating. 

    Trust Us Apple MacBook Water Damage Repair

    You can be fully confident that all your MacBook water damage repairs will be handled proficiently and using premium quality parts at Good Zone Shop & Service.

    Our committed crew of master MacBook technicians will accord free estimates of all the repairs.

    You'll enjoy a speedy turnaround time for all your Mac repairs.

    All our services can be easily accessed via either of these two alternatives. You can mail us your MacBook and have it serviced and sent back to you perfectly functional. Or, walk-in our stores any day of your choice and have your Laptop fixed by an expert.

    All services are done at inexpensive rates.

    MacBook Water Damage Repair Cost

    Depending on the model, the expense of repairing water-damaged MacBooks varies. Below is an interactive list of costs of fixing a water-damaged MacBook of different models.

    Service NameEstimated PriceTimeNote
    MacBook Water Cleaningfrom $1751h+no warranty, if no fix - no charge
    Contact Us Now for DetailsFree5m

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    Good Zone Shop & Repair Service is located in Brooklyn. Our service provides customers with fast, fair, and affordable device repairs. We will bring your device back to life within the hour (for not complicated repairs/replacements).

    No longer needing to worry about purchasing new devices because of unexpectedly costly repair fees, GoodZone repair is the perfect solution for you.

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    Do you have any questions?

    Do you have any questions?


      Nermin Radoncic

      Great place to go to. Easy fix no issues. Go on a weekday and it will be faster. Thank you my brothers

      Albert Wilkins

      Great service for a good price. I've used them before and will use them again. The prices were fair. They are honest, prompt and courteous. They will do the job right the first time.

      gerald chaveez

      I was recommended this service by another friend. The reviews about them were mixed, so I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with their service and work. They fixed my phone and made sure everything was up to date. They also gave me a good discount on the anti-shock film. Thank you for your work!


      Can a MacBook with water damage be repaired?

      Of course, it can be mended. Often the water will make its way to the logic board, where it causes damage to components by short-circuiting or rust. This will be corrected by expertly fixing or replacing affected components.

      What do I do if my Mac has water damage?

      Do the following things to secure your Mac.

      • Turn your Mac off immediately.
      • Unplug the charger if it was connected.
      • Use a spongy cloth or tissue paper to clean any visible water.
      • Unplug any peripheral devices connected to your PC.
      • Take the battery out of the affected Mac.
      • Turn it upside down and then let it dry.
      • Visit a professional  Mac repair center like Good Zone for an examination of your Mac.

      What screen does MacBook use?

      It uses an IPS LCD and an OLED display that uses "Retina display" as its marketing name.

      Depending on the MacBook model it will either have a Retina display, Liquid Retina display, or Liquid Retina XDR display.

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