Computer Data Transfer Service

Though full recovery services can save you a world of inconvenience, it’s not always necessary. In some occasions, moving files is all you should do. Maybe your PC is dead, but the hard drive is still working, and you want to move files to an external hard drive. 

Or maybe your external drive is misbehaving, and you need to salvage your pictures, videos, or sensitive documents. You can move the files to your PC without making a full recovery. Files transfers are better than a full recovery because:

  • They are faster – full recovery can take a couple of days or weeks while a transfer takes a couple of hours. 
  • They are safer – recovery isn’t 100 percent safe. However,moving files from a healthy drive to another device always works
  • They are cheaper – recovery is more expensive than moving files, given the tools, skills, and time required. 

If you need to save some files from a failing drive, Good Zone Shop & Service will get the job done. Contact our team for a free consultation and guidance on how to transfer data to the new computer.

What is Data Transfer in The Computer?

Data transfer is moving files from one computer to another. Getting your photos, videos, contacts, and sensitive files from an old PC to a new one is time-consuming for a beginner. The type of files you move and their size determines the method you’ll use to transfer data to a new computer. 

The process of moving files presents a unique opportunity to clean out duplicate or misplaced content. Moreover, it’s time to check for signals of serious problems like lost files or files that won’t open. These issues could point to a larger virus problem or a faulty hard disk drive.

Transfer Data from One Computer to Another

If you want to move data to a new computer, or move an operating system, we’ve got your back.

Transfer Data To New Computer Windows 10​

We can transfer data to new computer Windows 10 with or without an internet connection. Our team is equipped with the proper tools to do it right.

Transfer Data from Old Computer to New​

A new PC isn’t complete without your old apps, files, and settings. We’ll explore different options, including cloud storage. Moreover, we can move from an older to a new operating system or across platforms.

Transfer Data and Programs to New Computer

Reinstalling programs, reconfiguring the settings, and copying files is a long, tedious process. In some instances, you may not remember the settings you used or have the old hard drives. We use special tools and processes to conduct the computer data transfer fast.

We Can Help You with Transfer Data to New Computer

If you don’t have a backup, you plan to sell or give away your PC has a virus, we can help. We use different methods to move the files depending on file size. Our team of technicians is experienced and trained to handle different systems. Moreover, they leverage different tools to ensure no file is lost when we transfer hard drive data to new computer.

Contact our technicians today for a free consult and guidance on how to complete the move.

How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Data?

The cost of moving files depends on the size and type of files being transferred. Also, any extra services needed during the move affect the final price. We might not have a blanket price for services, but we have a price list to guide you through the process.


  • How do I get data off my old computer?

    To speed up the transfer, you can use web transfers or cloud storage, HDD or SSD drives, LAN or Wi-Fi, or software.

  • How do I get data off a hard drive?

    You can use different methods, including connecting the hard drive to another PC using a USB adapter cable. Alternatively, you can use the hard disk to build an external HDD or install the HDD on your new laptop

  • Is it possible to transfer files from a dead computer to a new computer?

    Yes. Unless the hard drive in the dead PC is also damaged, you can still access data in it. All you need to do is plug the hard drive into the new PC using a USB adapter.

Data Transfer Service with Good Zone Shop & Service

Good Zone Shop & Service offers expert services for moving files in mobile phones and PCs. We can safeguard your photos, videos, contacts, appointments, and other sensitive data. We don’t make copies of these data, so you can rest assured your privacy is upheld. If we use our systems to transfer your data, we’ll delete it immediately after leaving you with sole access. 

Contact our team for a free consultation and professional services.