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    Does your gaming console power off abruptly, is it graphics distorted or is it simply not working? Whatever power issue you've, bring your PS to us and we'll fix it. Our PS nerds are versed in the restoration of all PS with any power-related flaw.

    For over a decade we've been efficiently servicing all PS models with various power issues. For this reason, we're equipped to solve any power-related defect you have.

    With our market-leading remedying tools and a vast reserve of genuine parts, our servicing is swift and highly adroit.

     Adequately solve all your power-related flaws via these methods.

    • In-store: drop by our store any day and our adept technician will solve all your console faults. 
    • Mail-in: send your console to our PS nerds for competent power defect rectifications.

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    We Provide With PS Power Supply Replacement

    The power supply unit is a vital component and its impairment can affect several components. Most components that often get impaired are those that consume more power like the CPU and hard drive.b

    In case your power supply unit is deficient, you'll see the following signs.

    • The console abruptly powers off.
    • Your console doesn't power off.
    • You may experience graphic distortion since the CPU requires much power which it might not be receiving.
    • The PS also drains power rapidly.

    If you're experiencing the signs above you might be having a defective power supply. The moment you come in for servicing, we'll do a detailed examination to determine if the power supply unit is deficient. 

    Once we determine the power unit is deficient, we'll keenly disassemble PS to access the unit. The unit we'll then be tasted. We'll disassemble it to access its board. All components we'll be tasted and all faulty ones will then be swapped.

    If the damage requires substitution as the remedy, we'll provide you with a compatible replacement. Once the substitution is finished, the new part we'll be tasted to determine its function. Finally, the console will be assembled and then run to a series of tests to ensure everything is operating normally. 

    PlayStation Power Supply Replacement With Us

    Our adept crew of PS specialists is highly trained and fully equipped to solve any defect you may have.

    Any day you can get your gaming console up and running through our daily operations.

    All your console deficiencies will be proficiently solved through our thorough wide array of services.

    PlayStation Power Supply Replacement Cost

    The cost of swapping the power supply is determined by the PS model. We understand how important your console is to you and thus provide friendly substitution costs. Take a look at the price list below to learn more.

    Service NameEstimated PriceTimeNote
    PlayStation Power Supply Replacementn/a45m+part cost is not included
    Contact Us Now for DetailsFree5m

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      How to tell if the PS4 power supply is bad?

      You'll notice the following symptoms in case it's faulty.

      • The console doesn't power on.
      • It drains power rapidly.
      • Constantly and abruptly powering off of the console.
      • There may be graphic distortion since the CPU doesn't receive enough power.
      • The system may also be unstable like app freezing.

      How to open the PS5 power supply?

      To securely open it, follow the steps below.

      • Remove the base stand.
      • Carefully twist the cover by holding the left corner (near the logo) to remove the covers.
      • Use a flat tool to remove the grill.
      • Keenly remove the cable cover and disconnect the cables.
      • Remove the cover and optical drive.
      • Disconnect all cables from the main board and remove the metal cover.
      • Remove the cover and then remove the power supply.

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