Acer Laptop Repair in NYC

Acer is a top Taiwanese PC brand that has built its name by building quality PC models. However, they aren’t immune to damage and wear and tear. When the laptop starts acting up, your work can be greatly affected. You need to work with a professional, experienced, and certified repair service to get your PC working ASAP. 

Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of good repair services in NYC. But on the bright side, Good Zone Shop & Service has got you covered. Call us today for a quick and free consultation and guidance on how to best handle the damage.

Acer Laptop Repair and Replacement

Acer laptops are designed to be durable. However, sometimes accidents happen, and other times, a windows update can cause new unexplainable issues. We fix hardware and software problems with your Acer and get your PC back to you in tip-top shape.

Screen Repair

Screen problems can either be through physical damage or software issues. Physical damage like broken or cracked screens is easily fixed through replacement. Software issues need some troubleshooting and several tweaks to the system.

Hinge Repair

If left unsolved for a long time, hinge problems can lead to many problems. These problems include a wobbly screen and, in some cases charging problems. We’ll not only fix the hinge issue but any other problem it might have caused.

Keyboard Repair

Missing keys are irritating. While missing labels on your keys might not affect your working speed, they can be an embarrassment when working in public. We can replace individual keys or the entire keyboard if need be.

We Can Help You with Acer Laptop Repair in NYC

We work with a team of experienced and certified technicians. They’ll inspect and troubleshoot your computer to determine the cause of the problem and fix it fast and affordably. 

Even better, we use quality parts, and our repair services have a 90-day guarantee. This is a testament to the quality of our services and that the fix will last long. 

Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation, and we’ll advise you on the best option for the Acer laptop repair.

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Acer Laptop Repair Cost

Different laptop issues attract different prices depending on the complexity and the cost of the replacement parts needed. We’ve listed some of the pricing options you can expect and the devices you can work with. For Acer laptop repair, expect the Acer laptop repair cost to start from $65. While we strive to fix devices fast, sometimes the service takes longer than a business day. 


  • Can an Acer laptop be repaired?

    Yes, it can. Acer technicians can repair your Acer Laptop if it’s still covered under their limited warranty. If it’s not, local certified technicians can handle the laptop repair efficiently.

  • Can I send an Acer laptop to repair?

    Yes. But before you send the laptop, make sure it’s packaged properly. Back up data and remove passwords, remove third-party add-ons and accessories. Proper packaging includes bubble wrapping the laptop. Make sure to have a layer of bubble wrap between the screen and the keyboard. 

Repair Acer Laptop with Good Zone Shop & Service

Good Zone Shop & Service takes pride in delivering quality Acer repair services. Our team is certified and experienced enough to offer client-based repair services. If you’d love the problem to be fixed fast and within your budget, we are the team for the job.

Call us for a quick consultation and free inspection at our Acer laptop repair center.