Dell Laptop Repair in NYC

If your PC is still under a warranty, that’s great. However, you should know it’s not a quick process. At first, they will try solving the issue before on call with an outsourced IT person who’ll use up your patience. 

For fast and quality laptop repair services from certified PC technicians, Good Zone Shop & Service has got you covered. We are experienced in fixing and replacing damage parts at affordable price points.

Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation or schedule your inspection to have your computer fixed fast. 

Dell Laptop Repair and Replacement

When your PC develops software or hardware problems, trust the experts to handle it for you. Like the human body, different symptoms could point to different issues. As such, we run diagnostics to determine the problem and fix it permanently. 

Screen Repair

Is your computer’s screen broken, dim, or automatically shows green and yellow lines? We’ll replace the damaged display with quality parts in no time plus offer a 90-day warranty on the service.

Power Jack Repair

You know the power jack needs fixing when the battery will not charge or when the charger works at an angle. Or the pins are wobbly, or the power keeps flickering. We’ll either FIX or replace the power jack for a permanent fix.

Hinge Repair

Are the hinges broken or loose? Is your screen wobbly, difficult to view, open, and close? Let us replace the hinge or fix the housing.

Motherboard Repair

When the motherboard fails, the system dies. The drives and fans may spin, but with a dead motherboard, that’s all you’ll get when you turn it on. Though difficult to troubleshoot motherboard issues, our technicians are well equipped and experienced.

Battery Replacement

When you notice the computer cannot get through an hour of use, let alone a whole day, the battery needs replacing. We’ll get you a quality battery that’ll serve you for ages.

Keyboard Repair

If you’ve used your computer for a long time, some keys may have deleted labels. We’ll repair Dell laptop physical damage and diagnose software problems to restore key functions.

Power Cord Repair

A faulty power cord can cause damage to your PC. To solve the problem, we determine the break in the cord and fix it.

Hard Drive Repair

Has your PC stopped detecting the hard drive? Does it boot slow? Hard disk failure could be the culprit. We’ll repair the Dell laptop without causing data loss.

Hardware Repair

Keeping PC hardware running at peak performance is important. Even regular cleaning can go a long way in keeping parts working right.

We Can Help You with Dell Laptop Repair in NYC

If your PC has an issue that has you stumped, we can help. Our Dell laptop repair service starts with an inspection to determine the underlying cause and attend to it fast. 

Call our technicians today for a quick and free consultation to determine the best solution. 

dell laptop repair

Dell Laptop Repair Cost

Below are some devices we work on and their different pricing options. Our Dell Laptop fixing costs start from $65 and might take more than a business day, depending on the problem and availability of parts. 


  • Are Dell laptops repairable?

    Yes. However, a thorough inspection should be done to determine the underlying cause of the problem.

  • Can I send my laptop to Dell for fixing?

    Yes, you can. However, before that, they’ll try to fix your problem remotely. This might be time-consuming if you need your PC working urgently.

  • How long can a Dell laptop repair last?

    Most Dell laptop repair problems take from 45 minutes to complete. The fixing process might be longer depending on the complexity of the problem and the availability of parts.

Fix Dell Laptop with Good Zone Shop & Service

Let Good Zone Shop & Service provide you with the best Dell laptop repair in NYC. We’ve dedicated ourselves to offering quality fixing services at friendly rates and quick turnaround for years. Our technicians are certified, and we offer 90-day warranties for our services.

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