HP Laptop Touch Screen Replacement Service

If your Hp laptop screen is broken, cracked, or not working during use, don’t panic, we can fix it for you. We are fully aware of how laptop touch screen replacement or repair is a sensitive task and one that you like to be done by a trusted service center. At Good Zone Shop & Service, we have a team of prolific technicians who are experts in repairing and replacing any model of HP laptop touch screen. We can perfectly fix your laptop’s screen with high-quality HP manufacturer’s certified parts and hand it back to you in good condition in minimum time and at an affordable price.

Reach out to us through either of our convenient service options:

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How Can We Help You With HP Laptop Touch Screen Repair and Replacement?

The screen of a laptop is a delicate and sensitive part. Any abnormal impact, dust, or moisture can easily affect it. 

Below is a list of things that indicate your laptop screen has a problem:

  • A blank screen:  This might be caused by a broken LCD screen. Sometimes a faulty motherboard or faulty RAM can also lead to a blank screen. 
  • Pixel defects: the defect can be pixels that are too bright (hot pixels), dead pixels that don’t light at all, or stuck pixels that appear as dots. The main cause for this is defective pixels or issues with GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) that may require graphic card replacement.
  • The screen is too dim even when brightness is set at 100%:  this can be a result of a faulty inverter or defective wiring supplying power and video display signal to the screen.
  • Shapes, dots, and lines appear on the screen.  This is often due to errors during transmission. The error often occurs due to loose video cables or faulty graphics.

Since the touch screen problem can be caused by several underlying issues, when you come in we’ll conduct a diagnostic test on your laptop to pinpoint the exact problem. We’ll then fix your laptop and hand it back to you fully functional in no time.

HP Laptop Touch Screen Replacement Cost

The HP laptop touch screen replacement cost depends on the model of the laptop. Please note that the replacement may take more than one day depending on the model. Good Zone shop’s HP laptop screen replacement cost is listed below.

Service Name
Estimated Price
HP Laptop Touch Screen Replacement
from $75
part cost is not included
HP Laptop

Why Do You Need Us?

At Good Zone Shop, you can be assured that your HP laptop touch screen replacement will be done professionally and with high-quality parts. You don’t need to book an appointment for an HP laptop touch screen repair/replacement, we’re open 7 days a week with a team of expert technicians ready to attend to all your HP touchscreen laptop repair queries. You can access our repair and replacement services through mail-in or in-store options and have your laptop fully fixed and functional in a minimum time and at an affordable cost.


  • How much does it cost to replace a laptop touch screen?

    The cost of replacing the laptop screen depends on the model of the laptop and the extent of the damage. Some models like the previous version of HP Touchsmart 15-r have a double screen. This may have varied costs, especially in a case where only the outer screen is affected.

  • Can touch screen laptops be replaced?

    Yes, touch screens can be replaced. Most high-quality spare parts are available for different laptop models. However, it's prudent to have a laptop touchscreen replacement in a trusted service center.

  • Is it worth replacing the screen on the laptop?

    It's worth replacing the screen when:

    •  The only faulty thing on your laptop is the screen.
    • Your laptop is only a few years old.

    You've financial constraints and replacing the laptop screen will be a cheaper option than buying a new one.