Drone Repair in NYC

As a pilot, you’ll eventually crash. In some instances, it’ll be your fault, and in others, it’ll be a result of conditions outside your control. It helps if you have some basic repair knowledge to do some damage control. But in situations of serious damage, or you’d like a professional touch, Good Zone comes to the rescue. 

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How We Provide Drone Repair Service: The Process

Below is the process we follow to provide quality repair services.

Diagnosis and Consultation

Once we receive it, we perform a full checkup for any problems it might have and create a repair plan and quotation. Our technicians will send you a report of the issues found and the solutions we recommend.


After approval, we’ll start on the repairs. The repair process takes more than a day, depending on the availability of parts required and the severity of the damage sustained. When we finish with the repairs, we double-check and verify the repairs. 

Flight Test

After repairs, we’ll flight test it at our facility for industry-specific performance.


When it passes the tests, we send a notification to pick it up. Our team is happy to answer follow-up questions and offer additional technical support if needed.

Quadcopter Repair That We Do

DJI drone repair

Whether it’s a broken wing, landing gear, or malfunctioned LED lights, we’ll offer the quality service you need.

Parrot drone repair

Crashed it or have a software problem? Don’t worry, get in touch with our technicians for quick and quality drone repair NYC.

Yuneec drone repair

Get expert technicians working on it and have it restored to mint condition in no time.

Udi drone repair

Need to get it back in the air after an accident or need routine checkup and drone maintenance? We are the team for the job.

Striker spy drone repair

It won’t take off despite the propellers spinning? Bring it to us for fast troubleshooting and repair.

Propel drone repair

If it doesn’t power up, it could mean internal damage or battery issues. Good Zone Shop & Service will get this fixed.

Sky viper drone repair

Whether the camera is broken or the motor needs replacement, our experienced drone repair NYC technicians will do an excellent job.

Hubscan drone repair

If you need accessories modified or replaced, we are the team for the job.

Issues That Our Drone Specialist Can Fix

We’ve handled our fair share of common and rare problems successfully. With our experience, we are confident we can fix any problem you throw at us. 

Motor repair

Motor technology has come a long way. Though they can be daunting to repair, we guarantee success.

Camera repair

Whether the camera stops working after a crush or gives persistent warnings, we’ll get it fixed.

Water damage repair

Since they aren’t waterproof, moisture and water can damage motors, batteries, and other electronic parts. Luckily, we can fix the situation.

Antenna repair

It’s not easy repairing or shopping for a quality antenna replacement. We’ll handle the repair and replacement with ease for you.

Camera gimbal repair

You need a fully functional gimbal camera to capture steady aerial drone video and image. If it’s faulty, we’ll fix it.

Software update

Software updates are necessary to help unlock the latest features and avoid possible errors. We can get this done ASAP.

Can We Help You?

Over the years, we’ve handled a range of repairs, including broken quadcopters, damaged arm motors, and software problems. We have worked on different brands, including DJI and Yuneec. Our repair success rate is excellent, and is confident it’ll back in the air in no time. 

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Drone Maintenance and Repair Prices

All Quadcopter repairs are different and, as such, attract varied repair costs. We’ve compiled a price list to guide you on our rates and the drones we work on. Note that the repair may take more than a day, depending on the damage and availability of the parts.  

Most of our repair and maintenance service costs start from $150. 


  • How much does it cost to repair a drone?

    Drone repair services cost upwards of $150. However, the actual price depends on the make and model and the repairs needed. Availability of parts and the time it takes to restore it also contribute to the final price.

  • How long does drone repair take?

    Our goal is to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair it in the shortest time possible. Usually, the service will take longer than a day, depending on the complexity of the repair and availability of replacement parts.

  • Can a drone be repaired?

    Though drone repair services are complex and need specialized tools and skills, they can be done. In some instances, replacements may be a better choice than repair.

Good Zone is an Expert Team of Drone Specialists

To get good service, you need to work with a professional and experienced team of drone specialists. At Good Zone, we have trained and experienced technicians and endeavor to deliver quality repair services. 

If you are stranded with a broken drone, call us today for a non-obligatory consult to help you determine your best course of action.