Asus Laptop Repair in NYC

Regardless of what you need from a PC, whether it’s high performance or reliability, Asus has several computer options to pick from. It has built a name for itself over the past couple of years by pushing tech boundaries and making sleek PCss. 

These features are great, but it doesn’t make the Pcs immune to damage or developing issues. When this happens, you need to have Good Zone Shop & Service by your side to offer quality fixing services. Call us today for a quick consultation with our experienced team of experts.  

Asus Laptop Repair and Replacement

We fix all software and hardware issues at our Asus laptop repair center. Our technicians are certified, trained, and experienced enough to offer quality services.  

Hinge Repair

A broken hinge often leads to numerous PC problems, including difficulty opening and closing the lid. It needs to get fixed fast to keep the situation from getting worse.

Screen Repair

Whether you have a broken screen or it goes dim unexpectedly, we are here to help. We can fix or replace the screen fast and at an affordable price.

Power Jack Repair

Many PC power jacks are weak since they are held with only four pins. Pulling the power cord sideways easily dislodges the pins and breaks the surrounding solder. You need a nerd to help fix this power issue fast.

Keyboard Repair

We can fix it fast, whether it’s a broken keycap, missing keys or a slow-responding keyboard.

Motherboard Repair

Increased Windows errors and blue screens of death are common symptoms of a faulty motherboard. Fixing the motherboard is demanding and requires high-level skills to do it well. Our experts are trained and certified to handle these Asus laptop repairs.

Headphone Jack Repair

If the headphone jack on the computer stops working, the best option is a replacement. We can help get back the sound in your computer to enjoy calls or movies.

Water Damage Repair

After a liquid spill on your computer, dry the residual liquid, turn the computer off and disconnect it from power immediately. Call us for further inspection and Asus laptop repair in NYC.

Windows Repair

Sometimes Windows 10 starts acting up so much that it needs a fix. Often the situation worsens gradually and can eventually cause damage to system files of crucial data. We can apply advanced techniques to fix the issue without data loss.

We Can Help You with Asus Laptop Repair in NYC

Our team of experts are trained and certified to repair Asus laptop. Whether it’s hardware or software problems, we provide quality repair services in the least time possible. 

Contact our friendly professionals today for a free and quick consult on the best approach for your computer issue.

asus laptop repair

Asus Laptop Repair Cost

We’ve outlined our prices for the different devices and problems we handle below. Remember that fixing it may take a little longer than a day, depending on the problem and part availability. Our Asus laptop repair costs start from $65.


  • Can an Asus laptop be repaired?

    Most PC issues can be fixed to restore efficient running. In some cases, part replacement is required to fix the problem.

  • How long does it take to repair the Asus laptop?

    Many PC problems can be fixed in 40 minutes to 2 hours. However, it may take longer than a day depending on the availability of the part or problem complexity.

  • How to repair an Asus laptop battery?

    If the battery doesn’t charge, check the battery connection or the AC adapter. If everything is intact, try resetting the Embedded Controller, updating or resetting BIOS, using MyASUS Utility to diagnose the problem, or reinstalling battery drivers.

Repair Asus Laptop with Good Zone Shop & Service

Our professionals are trained to fix any problem with your computer. We offer a warranty on our services and work fast to ensure you are back to work soon. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and guidance on how to handle the computer repair.