iMac Repair in Brooklyn, NYC

When it comes to companies with a loyal following, Apple is at the top of the list. One can argue Linux or Windows machines are better, but those who love Mac love it. Their love is fuelled by the durability, low maintenance, ease of use, stability, and beautiful design Apple products feature. 

But despite all these things it has going on, they aren’t invisible. If anything, iMacs are susceptible to damage through wear and tear and rough handling. When it starts acting up, you should have a professional Apple iMac repair service look at it and fix it. 

For quality, affordable, and fast Apple iMac repair services, contact Good Zone Shop & Service today for a quick consultation.

Apple iMac Repair Models

Apple iMacs come in different models with some identifying features. Though slightly different, they experience different problems, but nothing we cannot handle.

iMac 24 inch

Are you noticing folders disappearing from your Apple device? We can handle this and more issues that may arise.

iMac 27 inch

It’s a powerful machine ideal for editing videos, Photoshop, and making music. If the display is acting up or it won’t power on, we are the people to save the day.

iMac 21.5 inch

With such a slim form factor, iMac computer repair is delicate. Our technicians have specialized tools and necessary skills to get the job done.

iMac Pro

If this all-in-one desktop is overheating or has a noisy fan, it can throw you off your game and reduce efficiency. We can run fast diagnostics to determine the problem and fix it fast.

iMac Repair Services

Whether it’s a common problem or you are unsure of the problem, our technicians are perfect for the job. We shall determine the cause and fix it in no time. 

Screen Repair

iMac LCDS crack easily and develop dead pixels after a whole or get distorted. If your iMac’s display resembles a retro TV display, bring it to us for screen repair.

Disk Repair

Though hard drives last long, sooner or later, they’ll fail. When you start noticing clicking sounds from the device, or slow operation, the disk needs service and repair or replacement.

Video Card Repair

Sometimes dust and heat can damage the video card. Replacing it is not easy, and it needs special knowledge of the system and skills to fix it. Our technicians will do a great job.

Logic Board Repair

If one component on the logic board fails, the entire motherboard fails. Replacing a damaged component is not easy, and one should determine which filter or IC is faulty.

Power Button Repair

Is the power button loose or not responding? We can replace it and have it working as good as new.

Hinge Repair

If your screen does not stay in position, the hinge may be broken or loose. We can repair the fault or replace the hinge altogether.

Keyboard Repair

Having stuck or missing keys on a keyboard is a major inconvenience. We’ll investigate why some keys aren’t working and decide which solution is best.

Backlight Repair

If one component on the logic board fails, the entire motherboard fails. Replacing a damaged component is not easy, and one should determine which filter or IC is faulty.

Power Supply Repair

If the iMac doesn’t turn on or turns off randomly, the power supply board might be faulty. This needs fast repair before things get worse.

Graphics Card Repair

When the video gets distorted, you see vertical lines or nothing; it could be a sign or graphics card failure. Despite being a little complex, this is a common issue we’ve handled successfully.

Headphone Jack Repair

If the headphone jack broke inside your iMac’s port, we could remove it easily.

How Can We Help You?

iMacs are powerful and efficient. But with every new technology and feature, the system gets a little more complex, making repairs harder. Whether it’s a common or rare problem, our experience repairing iMacs helps deliver successful solutions.  

Call us today for a quick consult and inspection to determine the extent of the problem.

iMac Repair Cost

The price of an Apple repair or part replacement is affordable than using Apple directly. Our iMac repair costs vary depending on the problem and the availability of genuine Apple parts. 


  • Are iMac easy to repair?

    Unlike regular all-in-one desktops, iMacs are notoriously harder to fix. But with the right tools and skills, you can get it done in no time.

  • How to repair an iMac with a virus?

    The first step is disconnecting the machine from the internet, then going into safe mode. Examine the machine for unusual activity using anti-malware software and remove the virus. Also, double-check your browser extensions and remove suspicious apps.

  • What should I do for my iMac before repair?

    You should always back up your data, remove it from Find My, and turn off the firmware password.

Why choose Good Zone Shop & Service

Our technical team is passionate about fixing Mac technologies. Whether it’s a quick fix or something more technical, we’d like to help. The team is Apple certified and offers customer-centric services you’ll love. 

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